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The White House

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hot and Beautiful!

Want to follow my day (sort of)?

I begin with feeding the puppies which they really aren't puppies anymore, but because they are small that is what I call them. Then I took the girls out to the pen with Daisy. Now that is a sheep that needs sheared!

I cleaned the chick pool that's in my house much to my dismay. Last year the greenhouse was going and they were out there. Maybe in a few days. Took the shavings to the compost pile.

Said hello to Roscoe. I tried giving him away on Facebook a few weeks ago. He's still here. Next I spent over two hours stirring and watering the compost piles. This stuff better be a thousand times better than Miracle Grow for the work it takes!

I multi-tasked and taught Emily a little about the baton. I've had that baton since I was about 14 and Denise Rauch taught me how to twirl it (kind of) and we marched in the Tok 4th of July Parade. I've packed that thing everywhere for the last 28 years and I'm still not any better!

A few Impatiens and Petunias are blooming. Some flowers are dying. It's that time of year where I just can't keep up. So much to work on outside I forget about the plant room and inevitably something dies.

I planted seed on the corner of the property. It is so dry this year. No snow last winter and no rain. After 5 hours of moving the sprinkler around it was barely damp.

Look at all the brown. The grass isn't going to grow without water. The sprinkler is doing overtime and can't keep up.

Remember this greenhouse disaster? I finally got it cleaned up. Rototilled the beds and with a little new dirt they are ready to go. Still have to build the bed in the middle. I guess we'll do that in our free time?!

The girls stole the sprinkler for a little while. Lucas would have no part of that cold water!

I got Nick to help me move a few rocks to make another garden bed. Like I don't have enough. Is there a 12-step program for Excessive Gardeners? I mean, I already have more than I can take care of, I doubt I need more. He also took (most of) the rest of the plastic off the greenhouse. My deal this summer is that he has to visit at least one full hour with me before he can go hang out with his friends. I know some think he should have a summer job, but I adore my son. His summer job is spending time with me. He's going to be grown and gone soon. He can work then. This is my time. And if I had known it was going to go this fast....crap, now I'm crying.

Lucas and Olivia have been practicing their soccer skills. Lucas is going to tear it up. Olivia, on-the-other-hand, is probably going to cry and refuse to participate. That's exactly what Emily did when she was 4. After several tries we never took her back.

I put the last of the fertilizer on the lawn just to get rid of it and store the spreader. Now it will be unevenly green. Then again, maybe it will be brown all summer if it doesn't rain! There was a little patch that was longer and Daisy was able to graze.

Six of the beds are planted and they got soaked down as well. The mulch is going to make a big difference by not having to water every night.

We finished moving the rocks off the little pool. We have to pull back the liner and fill in the water fall. It is starting to collapse. I'll bet money those nasty little voles have something to do with it. Nick gets $10 for every one that he catches. He's got two so far. (Really...the kid would get gas money anyhow, but this just makes it more of a fun game).

Look at this. Dad picked it up off the platform (that is a recycling area at the dumpsters). He fiddled and found one of the ignition wires was broken. Within a few minutes he had it running. They are so excited! What a great find...those things are $250. Sure glad I have such a handy husband.

Daisy reminds me to keep smiling because with these temperatures I shouldn't complain about working hard.


RottenMom said...

I have pet envy. Great picture of Daisy!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

that sheep has nice teeth. lol

Lori Skoog said...

I'll bet poor Daisy is roasting with that coat! It's still not that warm here.

Why do you want to give away Roscoe?

Janie said...

daisy's smile is so cute!
Wow, over 80 degrees already. We may have had one day that warm.
looks like things are hopping at your place as usual.
Hope you get some rain to help out the grass and garden.

sue in mexico mo said...

I am surprised you can take items from the recycling area. In our town we would get arrested. Donated items go to a resale shop where handicapped people work. Your kids will have a lot of fun with that little toy! :-)

Together We Save said...

Wonderful pictures!!