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The White House

Monday, April 19, 2010

Such A Beautifully Warm Day!

Apparently (fives days ago) I was going to share the warmth of my fire along with some profound thought. The fire is still going, but the thought has completely vanished. What a week it has been. I so want to blog daily like Lori at Skoog Farm does, but somehow midnight arrives before I know it and I head to bed thinking "tomorrow". We all know tomorrow never comes.

I added soil to 100 dwarf and delight dahlias. So time consuming! (Tell me again why I need one hundred of these???!!!). I don't have cable, but I hear there is a show called the Hoarders. I believe I must be a plant hoarder.

These are the Schizanthus. I hate them. There is one dead daily. I don't know what I am doing wrong, but it is really irritating. At this rate by the time they go outside in 46 more days I should have about 50 left. I'm having worse luck with the Dianthus. I don't think I'm ever planting anything with "thus" at the end of its name!

My little Bingo players. Entirely too cute watching them get so excited over it all. I'm amazed how my "almost" four year old can look at a number on the screen and find it on the board when he doesn't know his numbers. Kids are so smart, aren't they?

We won't discuss the status of the dog yard and why we can't use it until things dry out, but lets just say putting three dogs on leashes at the same time was about the dumbest thing I've done this week. I couldn't find the "real" leashes so I had to use the free ones we got from the pound at the parade. They about choked themselves to death. Will someone remind me of this next winter and prod me to clean up after the little angels on a daily basis so when Spring comes they can go in their dog yard?

It hailed. See previous post about Mother Nature. I'm not laughing.

The bike is done and it looks great. Yes, I am aware the bar to the seat is gone and it is tie-wired to the frame. Apparently that is the cool thing to do. Anyone want a 14-year old boy? Just kidding.

It seems as if the Jedi forces out smarted this Storm Trooper right in the middle of the (to be) sunflowers. Little angels.

Saturday I took photos of the grow room and I was going to post them. Really. Today, it already looks different with two more rows of lights. I really need more time in my day. I have many things I am 4 weeks behind in planting. It will all work out, I'm sure.

The Wee People headed out to get the newspaper. They switched boots and Lucas giggled and giggled over wearing pink.

I made them stop for a photo. I drive them nuts.

Say hello to Daisy. Oh, she needs a shave!

Then it was off to get the mail. Still so much snow on my lawn. In town all the snow is gone, but I am on the other side of the hill. I may have warmer temperatures during Winter, but Spring comes a little slower.

I always have little helpers which would be the reason I am so far behind in my planting. It's worth every minute.

Saturday we watched Hallie (Nick's friend) win the soccer championship and then we to the spaghetti fundraiser for her Comp. soccer team. (She's in blue scoring).

The dinner/tournament is a memorial to a coach who died of natural causes three years ago at a very young age. She was a dynamic woman.

Mr. Grumpy Gills was a PITA the entire 2.5 hours. Some days it isn't worth leaving the house!

Oh,'s the teenage Mr. Grumpy Gills who would have much rather been with his friends than having a family outing (he looks so gangster). Poor Nick was so sick he couldn't come with us. In fact, today was the first time he has been out of bed in over a week. He's on an allergy pill and eye drops, antibiotic for a sinus infection, steroids for what may be mono (we'll do a repeat test in ten days as his white blood cells were elevated) and a pain killer for, well, the pain. He couldn't go with us which was a real bummer.

Here are the before and after shots of today's project. I give it one day and they will drag all the crap right back out there. Drives me nuts!

Yes, my kids are in dirty clothes and pajamas. Yes, they are their bare feet. Yes, that is snow, but it was 60* (we are tough Alaskans). Yes, they were having a lot of fun. Don't judge me; I won't judge you.

We took our first 4-wheeler ride of the season. In our bare feet. That is the top of Lucas' head. Those two would ride for hours if I'd take them. (We only had a quarter of a tank).

It was hot in the house at 72.4* as I had the fire cookin'. Don't have any idea why. It was 104.9 in the sun by the wood pile where I was cleaning. I was a sweating mess. (Now you know why the kids were in their bare feet. Actually, they'll be that way with black feet all summer. I put shoes on them a half a dozen times today. They took them right back off).

Dad brought Daisy some hay. The straw is for after I clean her pen. Guess how much? It was $9.99 for the straw and $17.99 for the bale of hay at the feed store!! We definitely will stock up on hay from the local farms this summer at $8.00 a bale. This was way too much!

There was quite a bit of snow melting today. Shouldn't take a couple more days for it all to be gone. Can't wait!

Sunday we drove around the neighborhood and ended up at Rick and Mary's for a BBQ with great company. Of course, I didn't have my camera, but we sure had a good time. No work done around the house, but when the man works six days a week some of those Sunday's have to be for nothing but fun.

Well, I wonder what tomorrow is going to bring. And since that is 5.5 hours away I'd better get to bed!


Lori Skoog said...

Gayle...your're growing room is fabulous...and I must say that the hay for Daisy looks nice and green. The most I have ever paid for hay is $4 a bail for second cutting. Normally, as in last year, about $3.25. Do you shear Daisy yourself?

Stace said...

$17.99??!?!?!?! OMG!!!! I thought that $5.00 a bale was expensive! Wow! My sheep would starve. They are a grass breed..they eat hay...not grain...well...they WOULD eat grain every day..but they don't need it.
I love your grow room...if i was competent enough to grow things from seed I'd love one. :P
P.s. My son runs around barefoot when there is still snow on the I completely understand :)
Good to see you back!

Patty said...

Poor Nick...hope he gets well soon.
Love the boot switch...funny kids. and the Bingo game looks great...wish they had that when the boys were little (the on tv version).

Bonnie said...

My kids are forever in bare feet as well and pj's or dirty clothes around here judgement from me.

My philosphy is that they are happy so leave them be.

Drooling over your plants and grow room...what I would give!!!

Tink *~*~* said...

What a satisfyingly long post! OK, so first off, it's "gangsta". Just trying to make you sound legit ;) Second, I'd fish the storm trooper outta there, as you know there's not supposed to be any protein in the compost... ewww! Finally, I must say, it's so nice to see your wagon wheels again!