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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another Beautiful Day!

We had another beautiful day yesterday in the 60's. These two spent the whole day playing and really wore themselves out.

Sally loves it when she gets to come and out be my sidekick.

I've never be much for recycling. Not because I think it is a bad thing, but rather just another job and I already have so many. The idea of policing the kids over another thing was more than I wanted to tackle. Then two days ago the recycling bug bit me so here we go. I have a bucket for my compost, one for cardboard, one for paper (don't know yet if they have to be separated) and one for cans. I also have a pile of plastic, steel and glass going, but still need to set up some bins. We are a 2+ bag a day of garbage family. This is going to be huge! So tell you recycle? If so what and how easy is it for you?


FlowerLady said...

Yes, recycling is done on a large scale in our area. They pick up every Friday. Glass and plastic in one bin, and paper/cardboard in another. They also pick up any brush that you put out, grind it up and have it for free at the facility.

Love your little Sally and your kids look like they are having a great time.

I know you are so glad to be done with snow.


Mama Bean said...

We recycle because our city has made it really really easy. They pick up blue boxes for free, once a week, and it doesn't have to be sorted. They accept paper, cardboard, plastic containers, glass, metal cans, everything! If you have to pre-sort and then take the boxes somewhere, bins with lids will help, as will collapsing all boxes before you take them to the depot/drop-off. Flat cardboard is easier to tuck into the collection bins, I've found! Good for you choosing to recycle! Happy Earth Day tomorrow!

RottenMom said...

I am ashamed to admit we started recycling only a little over a year ago. We were staying in a vacation rental and were forced to follow the recycling laws there. I was astonished at how much we managed to recycle that week. When we got home, we set up the individual bins and put them in the garage. It was very easy to change our routine of just throwing everything into the garbage. We used to put 3 super large garbage cans of trash out on the curb every week. We have literally cut the amount of trash we have each week in half. We don't pay for garbage or recycling pick-up here, so we just have to put our recyling bins at the curb.
Once you make the commmitment it quickly becomes habit.

Vernz said...

Hello, I love the kids .. they really seem to have real fun ...

thanks for the stop at my blog.

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Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Yes, we definitely do. But we have a bin here, equal to the size of our weekly trash bin, and we only have to clean our "trash" for recycling. We can put anything labeled 1,2 or 7 in the bin (paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, aluminum, steel). Usually we have it full every 2 weeks, though they pick up weekly. I'm all for it in this world of "disposable goods".

gpc said...

I used to live in a city where they picked up my recycling; it was easy and I got in the habit. Now we only have local recycling for paper/cardboard and ##1 and 2 plastic. I save it up until I have a car load and then take it to the center several miles away. I notice that I am cheating a little already, and I've only been here since november. I think it's important, though, so I'm going to try harder to really recycle everything I can.