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The White House

Friday, April 2, 2010

Chicken Pens and Cookies

This morning:
Lucas - "Mom do you have bagels".
Me - "Yes".
Lucas - "Do you have my savorite cream cheese".
Me - "Yes".
And then I got the biggest hug ever. It's the simple things in life that makes that kid happy.

Driving Elijah up to the bus the other morning I flew right past these two. I didn't even see them, but Elijah did. Glad they didn't decide to cross the road. On the way back I stopped and spooked them up into the trees before I could get a good shot.

I am totally impatient for Summer. Here are my garden beds before and after shovelling. (Actually, I shovelled more after that photo). It takes so long for our snow to go because while it may get up to 45* in the day, it gets back down to 15* at night and refreezes. It's a slow process.

I had some questions about the chickens, dogs and a pen. Yes, a neighborhood dog killed 30-some chickens last summer. I know it was a dog because they were laying everywhere dead. The fox will kill one or two and then take them back to the den. Same with owls and hawks. Dogs kill for fun. Anyhow while the dog shouldn't be on my property in the first place, our fence was a temporary one so I'll take the responsibility. This year the chickens will go here in Daisy's old pen. The fence was taken down so we could drop some trees.

The fence will go back up (it's a 6-ft horse fence) and will have 2-ft of chicken wire around the bottom so the chickens can't get out. Over the top will be neon orange plastic netting to keep the chickens in and the hawks/owls out. I realize the black netting would be easier on the eye, but I want to give the wild birds a chance. If they fly into the orange than they are just stupid.

Remember last fall when we moved this connex? It will be transformed into an 8 ft by 20 ft chicken house. The inside will be lined with blue board, plywood and then covered with linoleum down one wall across the floor and up the other wall for easy cleaning. Inside there will be a couple pens so I can separate out a specific couple if I want them to breed. There will also be a toyo stove for heat and a barrel for water storage so I don't have to pack it out there every day. It won't be your typical "barn". I don't want any kind of nasty...I can sweep it out every other day, add new sawdust and be able to comfortably hang out with the chickens. Bantams are friendly, fun and I want to be able to sit an hold them without it stinking.

The outside will be covered in vinyl siding that will match the house. This should keep the dogs and wildlife at bay. There will also be a lighting system and cameras to deter the crazies because there's a lot of those roaming around, too.

Daisy wonders what I'm up to.

That time of year where it is too warm for snow pants, but too wet not to wear them.

We ate hot dogs out in the warm sun. Well, Lucas ate a bun because he doesn't like hot dogs.

It's growing, but so slowly. I'm such an impatient person! We still have two more months before the danger of frost is over and we can plant outside. I'll plant the first weekend of June. Far cry from so many of the blogs I read who are already picking flowers from their gardens!

It's amazing how well these two remember where the cards are in concentration.

Dad and Olivia made some chocolate chip cookies last night. As much as he works he always finds time for his kids. I love that man!

The day is getting away from me so I'd better get to it. How's your Spring?


Bill S. said...

My Spring is slow too. I went out to get pictures of sage grouse this morning and had four inches of snow. The boys tried to get the girls to come out of the sage brush, but none showed up.

Anonymous said...

Just dropped by your blog when I saw that you lived in Fairbanks. We lived there from 1968 to 1971 when Fairbanks was a much smaller town. I have missed it ever since and it is the most beautiful place we have ever lived (out of a lot of places). From your pictures I could feel the warmth of the spring sun. I remember late February and March for the dog sled races, the sun and friends. I remember summers camping wherever we felt like on the Chena or Yukon rivers. I remember northern lights and ice fog and the beauty of both of them. Sorry for going on. I can't believe its been 40 years! Enjoy your beautiful world.

RottenMom said...

That man is a keeper for sure! I just love the picture of them making cookies. I hope you and your wonderful family had a wonderful day.