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The White House

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Bugs Are Killing Me!

It is ten minutes to 1:00am and I just hit the I-Have-To-Go-To-Bed-This-Minute-Or-I-Will-Die Stage. Bear with my typos.

The Dahlia are going crazy. In fact, they are into the lights so I decided they would have to go upstairs in the windows until the greenhouse is ready to go.

I went up to this. Emily has got to be the messiest little girl. There were piles of dirty clothes everywhere, etc. Anyhow, I cleaned things up, set up two milk creates, 2 X 4's and a fan (to make the stems strong). Then I began packing up the flats of plants (100 altogether). Remember what a walk it is to the upstairs? Not a lot of fun.

Here's the lawn...burnt, raked and blown. Ready to grow!

That ditch line has been blown now and isn't so black. Also half the ice in the upper pool is gone now.

The pool has been emptied since this photo. The mosquitoes were so bad I was positive this is where they were breeding. Come to find out everyone has this problem!

I can't wait until the greenhouse is re-covered. It looks horrible.

That stand of trees in the middle of the two gravel pads is going to be cut down. It sure will take a lot of fill to level it all out.

I am so tired of all the "junk" cars in the yard. Wish they were gone or at least hidden behind a shop!

Daisy was enjoying my company. She needs shaved, but I'm waiting until the mosquitoes aren't so bad.

See what we have here? A new trampoline to entertain the youngest three.

I laid out the parts and set to work. The directions tell you that it requires two adults for assembly. Well, I had myself and a 3 year old. (The 4-year old was grumpy and the 10 year old couldn't handle the bugs). It was hard. It took 4 hours of my day. I was hot, tired and getting chewed up by mosquitoes like I never have before.

But I did it and the kids are so happy. This should bring many hours of entertainment. At 5:00 PM it was still 68* out. It would be perfect if it wasn't for the bugs.

See what I mean? Those are mosquitoes going to town...and this was taken after I just swatted his back. There was five times that. It's truly unbearable out there right now. I hope they go soon.

Why was Homer getting chewed up? He was putting a carpet on Roscoe's dog house so he could hide inside from the bugs.

So there you have it. I've been working so hard the last two days. Lawns, plants, trampolines, yard work....and today 4 of 5 kids were in bed sick for most of the day (hence the undressed pajama clad children on the tramp.). I'm so far behind in so many things and I am so tired. Wish I could catch up on it all. Maybe tomorrow (ya, right!). Night all.


Bonnie said...

Wow, I'm a determined woman myself but not sure if I'd even tackle a trampoline by myself...very cool.

I know you always want to be caught up with all the work that awaits us but I love how you always put your energy towards your kids.

Thanks for always reminding me what is important in life.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Nice job on that trampoline! That's quite a challenge even with 2 adults! We will be putting up our pool next week. Hubby can't help because of his heart surgery, so thankfully a friend of his is coming over to help me. I couldn't do it myself.

Those bugs are horrible! You wouldn't catch me outside with them. I'd have to hide indoors until they all went away!! Or, someone would have to come up with a really great repellent or formula like we have for the no-see-ums on Sanibel!!

Mama Bean said...

I got tired just reading about your day! And those mosquitoes are crazeeeeee....

Stace said...

We used to have a trampoline, my daughter loved it, our insurance agent that lived right down the street from us and had to drive by it every day, did not. I used to put mine up every spring myself too, I could never figure out why they said it took two people..unless it was for saving time.
I can't believe the mosquitoes!!!! Ewwwww! I know we're headed that way though, the black flies have started already. Although with the three feet of snow we got it might slow them down a little....maybe...
Enjoy the warm weather and sunshine! Your flowers look fantastic...mine are in my flat greenhouse...I doubt they look that good :P

Tink *~*~* said...

Hey, I remembered my friend in upstate NY had that problem in her ornamental pond and this is what she bought to solve it -,05-390RS,default,cp.html

Hope it helps!


Patty said...

Gayle! ugg...the mosquitoes are not like that at my house at all. We were just full of those moth like things...and they dont bother people as far as I know. I would have stayed inside with bugs like that!