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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Are You Kidding Me??

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So I'm not completely wordless on this one....can't help it. My husband took this photo last Friday and came home announcing he had a "bloggable moment" for me. I tried to ignore the fact that he was mocking me and said thank you.

Can you believe this guy? It is March. In Alaska. It's 20 degrees. There is snow!!! He has street slick tires. I see no helmet. He's insane.

Is there a meme for Idiot of the Day?

It was 10 cent Friday....means you save 10 cents a gallon all day. Good thing with those prices!


Auntie E said...

Hey I guess the saving out weighed the danger.
My WW link for you

Bonnie said...

That is crazy!

I knew it was you commenting on my blog. I have no idea how to change the comments...i had orginally downloaded a different comment program when I started bloggging and now it drives me insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TorAa said...

He got a cold chock;)

Stace said...

LMAO!! Wow..I can't even imagine how COLD riding that up there must be! I've seen a few bikes here..but its been in the (don't hit me) 40's and with the sun hitting you (Don't hit me)it feels MUCH warmer, my thermometer was actually reading 80 the other day (sitting on the south side of a dark red barn) I can understand...kinda....but not THAT guy...I mean, its ALASKA! Did it get cold enough this winter that his brain possibly froze and fell out??

caite said...

survival of the fittest.

Sistertex said...

There for a minute I thought it was a scene in Minnesota ...except for the gas prices. Lower here in MN.

Hey...if it hits 45 degrees the bikinis will be seen around the still frozen lakes.

Sukhmandir Kaur said...

Looks absolutely frigid Brrr he's brave to go out to save a buck.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

the wind chill had to be a killer. diehard biker for sure

catsynth said...

Riding without a helmet seems like a bad idea even in good weather.

The gas prices look even higher than ours in northern California (which were famously among the highest when prices were over $4/gallon).

blondevue... said...

That is awesome that your husband took the picture and brought it home to you! Love it! Wish my family was as willing to help with blogging! ;-)
As a motorcyclist...I have NO idea how that guy stayed on the road with that street bike. Some of the people in Alaska have a hard enough time staying on the road in their cars as it is!!
Funny,,good to know about Gold Hill's prices though, I never knew they had 10 cents off on Fridays.
Guess thats what happens when you're from N.Pole.