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The White House

Monday, March 29, 2010

Skate Park in March

He isn't big on shovelling the sidewalk. Or taking out the trash. Or doing the dishes. In a dishwasher. But he can go to town with his buddy Sean and shovel the skate park because Spring doesn't come fast enough in the Last Frontier.

It's one of those things that makes Nick so special.

Last night he and Elijah were at the park until 9:00 PM doing their thing. And I love it!

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sue in mexico mo said...

Hi Gayle, It is weird to think of the baby chicks being mailed from Lebanon, MO to your house in Alaska! When I was a child I remember going to the post office with my grandmother to get her baby chicks. I don't remember that she had to teach them to drink or that she had to "wipe their butts". LOL I went to the website and read their instructions. The chickens are beautiful. Good luck with them at the fair.
Sue in Mexico MO (near Lebanon, MO)