The White House

The White House

Sunday, March 28, 2010

It May Actually Be Spring

On Friday Emily was out early from school. The girls spent a little time helping pick up the ankle deep mess of toys. They did their part, but the house is still far from clean. You know Spring...such a busy time.

Lucas helped very briefly with the planting.

Olivia amazed me with her gentleness with the seedlings. She scooped them up and transplanted them into bigger pots with such ease. She did almost 50 dwarf Dahlia's herself!

It was so nice to have Emily come home on Wednesday. Normally she comes back to my house on Monday, but her dad changed work schedules so we adjusted our custody schedule to suit that. (It's nice that we don't have to go to court to settle these things. In fact, we've never had to "go back to court". I guess we've been adult enough to take care of the kids without the BS.) Anyhow, I really missed her with those extra added days plus I only call once or twice in the week she's at her dad's. I love my daughter very much, but I think it is important to not interrupt the family time with her father. It's hard to explain, but giving space seems like the right thing to do. Soooo....since we really missed her tons we took her out to Food Factory for some dinner.

Then it was to see Alice in Wonderland in 3-D. She loved it. I was irritated. Some lady two seats over behind me kicked the arm rest up and down the entire movie. That and the cost ($41.25 for three people with no snacks!) totally pissed me off. (That's two months of Netflix!). The family loves the movies....I hate cost, the annoying crowd and the fact the movie is usually a I suck it up and go with them on occasion, but usually pass on the whole ordeal.

Later than night we watched another movie at home. (Too much sitting!). This is the way I like it. In the comfort of my own home snuggled on the couch with my kids, snacks and a non-public bathroom.

Look who feel asleep in my arms. Beats the hell out of the annoying arm rest kicker.

Originally this room belonged to Homer's son A. Then his son C. We've keep the room vacant for over a year in the event he wanted to move back home. Obviously it's time to move on so Emily and I set to putting a new coat of paint on the closet. We finished one coat and then changed our minds. We'll be ripping out the shelves, putting up sheet rock and then painting. (The other walls are a wood panelling...supposed to be an outdoorsy look that C wanted). We picked up the carpet and will finish this into "The Alaska Room" that will eventually become the guest room. Until then it will be Emily's room while we build her a new bedroom in another part of the house. At least she can be settled for awhile instead of shifting from one part of the house to another as we remodel.

Tonight we took the three little ones to Food Factory (again) for dinner while we watched the end of the Duke/Baylor game. Dad really wanted Baylor to go all the way, but it wasn't to be. After dinner we went to Home Depot and picked out the carpet, and then to Alaska Feed to look at the Spring chicks. We also picked up hay for Daisy and a couple bags of chick starter for when my chicks arrive in the mail. (I put in an order of 50 tonight). Then Dad and Olivia went home while Em, Lucas and I went to Sam's Club and bought two flatbeds of groceries. Finally have full cupboards!! Yay! (Not sure what happened to all those photos???).

On Saturday before dinner and the movies Emily and I went to March Madness at Birch Hill when Elijah was competing in the Rail Jam. It was warm, sunny and wonderful! Elijah did not have the best day, but it was fun watching him compete.

Here he is with Jabari (that's Tyler's older brother...Tyler you always see in photos either playing football or basketball with Elijah or spending the night).

Even on the ski lift he is texting!

Nick also put in quite a few hours skateboarding this weekend. It's been warm (40's) and the snow is gone from the parking lots and most sidewalks. Tonight Nick and Elijah did some biking/skateboarding at the skate park. They brought home a few video clips I'll share tomorrow. It's been a huge weekend, it's midnight and I'm tired! Night all.


Pattycakes said...

The picture of you with the glasses-you look like your mom! Ive only seen the picture of her that you put on, but wow!

Great pics!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

You and your family are always on the go. I love to read about all your adventures together. Thanks for sharing all the pics! When do the new chicks come??

Christine said...

You and my Mom would get along great! She is out planting tomatoes as I type! What a fun family you have!