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The White House

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No Such Thing As A Bad Day

After leaving you last night I did a load of laundry on my way to bed. Hit that pillow at 12:30am and back at 'em at 6:00am. Got Elijah off to school by 6:45am and at 7:00am I was in front of the computer reading all about Journalism and correcting Nick's assignments. Sally was more than happy to sit in my lap and give me a hand. Two and a half hours and 12 assignments later it was all corrected. Oh, did my arm hurt!!

Homer added another row of lights on the bottom last night so today I moved some plants around to give them more light. I really have to get those other seeds in the dirt!!

Next was a little (lot?) wood chopping. It doesn't look like I did much, but my back was aching. It will get me through a couple more days.

These guys are lovin' the fire. Sally could be enjoying it, too, but she has to be on my heels everywhere I move.

This morning it was heart pancakes (or Pattycakes as Lucas calls them). I would have made them red, but when I colored the whipped cream at Christmas no one would eat it so I wasn't taking any chances. After 11:00am...Olivia was on the computer with Land Before Time. Yes, my babies sleep until 10 or 11. They also stay up until 10 or 11. It is a schedule that works for me. I know so many people that freak out over it, but they aren't in school, they get plenty of rest, they are healthy...and it works for me!

Sally got her toenails cut and then a bath. Rusty was dancing at my feet wanting in the water. I found that very odd.

Rusty had his toes done and then a bath. Roxie just got her toes done as I had to hit the shower myself before Nick left to pick up his brother at school, run him home and then head to track practice. (Sometimes it is nice having a teenage driver).

We also had some "school" at home. Olivia loves to learn, and Lucas played along.

There's that beautiful moon again. I love the moon and sun shining together.

Yes, that is Lucas without a coat, hat or gloves at 20 degrees in extreme wind heading to feed Daisy. Hey, we're Alaskans. We are tough. (Remember...they rarely get sick. That's because they are exposed to the elements!).

I'm glad I can't read her mind because that lip look she is giving me isn't so lovely!

There's chubby kickin' it on the couch. He has got to go on a diet!

What a day! So much going on. I did some sewing, but no photographs. I'll get that tomorrow. Elijah got home and we worked on his homework. The Wee People went down to Grandma Debbi's. She called and missed them. What a God Send to our family. She has been "grandma" to my kids for 17 years now, and I couldn't ask for a better friend.

Tonight ended with a movie...well, two....and some blogging. Almost 1:00am now so I'd better get off to bed. Unless I do some laundry first.....

Night all!


Lori Skoog said...

Talk about busy!

blondevue... said...

20 degree's in Alaska is a heat wave! :D
At least it feels that way once winter is melting away!
Have a great week,

pattycakes said...

I love the Pattycakes!

And the kids hours are great. I think its weird to put kids in bed by 7 or 8pm. When the heck do working parents ever spend time with them? We stay up late too!