The White House

The White House

Friday, February 26, 2010

Potting Soil and Lurking

Look what I've been doing! I planted a few flats until I ran out of dirt. Dirt isn't cheap either. Or should I say potting soil.

See the first set of shelves. This gives you an idea of what my Superman is building for me.

My MIL got me this bundt cake thingy. My honey got me a bottle of 7up and asked me to find a recipe so I gave it a try. Pretty cool.

I had a helper.

Such a pretty girl.

And boy.

Two of my favorite kiddos.

Now do you really get the idea. Do you have grow room envy yet? I realize the shelves are dirty and not so pretty, but that will change eventually. During the summer I plan to take down the shelves, pressure wash them and then paint 'em up pretty. It's a little cold for that now.

You've heard of blog lurking, haven't you?

lurk: 1 to stay hidden, ready to spring out, attack, etc. 2 to exist undiscovered or unobserved

I have a lurker. Technically, he isn't a lurker anymore since he's made himself known to me, but he hasn't come all the way out of the closet yet. So far he's just threatening to post obscure tidbits of his families dirty laundry in my comment section if....well, I'm not really sure what the if is. I guess it's if I don't do what he thinks I should do. Well, I've never been good with threats. Threats seem rather infantile to me, and just plain piss me off. So who knows. Maybe my blog readers will get lucky and in one irrational moment he'll go too far and I'll have blog fodder for months.

And I mean months.


Tara is: said...

love the shelves! Homer reminds me of Allan with his never-ending list of super-clever projects! The chickadees are adorable! we've even had some here.

Sorry about your lurker. Some people have no life but to intrude upon others'.

Stace said...

wow! Thats EXACTLY what I need for my flats! Lucky girl.
and you know I love chickadees :) great pics.
sorry about your handle it the same way though..threaten me and I'd say bring it on! but im just mean that way :P good luck with him Hopefully hes smart enough to keep it to himself.

gpc said...

I'm totally in envy of your growing room. I've been trying to find a place to start my seedlings and expect they'll end up on my kitchen table, not exactly ideal.

Is your cake recipe like the pioneer woman cake made with soda pop? I tried it and it was a total flop, but I don't have a bundt pan (or, at least, I do have one but it hasn't surfaced yet since I moved). I wouldn't have thought the pan was that crucial - yours looks wonderful.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Lurkers are right up there with those people who leave anonymous comments. If you don't like blogs, or whatever, don't spend your time reading them. But to just hang out (LURK), and actually make threats to someone??? Just plain weird! Have to wonder what the motive is there. Maybe it's just to see home many of us comment on his existence?? Just plain rude!! My mama always told me - if you can't say something nice, don't say anything as all. That's the way it should be in blog land as well!!

LOVE the grow room!!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

looks like you have plenty of room for all your plants to start growing

Amanda said...

I love your grow room!!! Makes me want to start planting. But here it wouldn't ever make it! :(

And poo on your "lurker". Not sure of what advice I can offer! :( Maybe don't allow annon. comments?