The White House

The White House

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Doing So Very Little

The sun was brilliant today. Bright enough I trekked outside to take a couple shots, but that was it. I've been feeling a bit run down today and really laid low.

If only the mountain wasn't in the way and these rays hit the ground around my home in the winter.

There is Daisy. She's very lonely now that the goose passed on, but there's nothing I can do about that this time of year.

I am a very impatient person so Olivia and I planted some of the marigold seeds I harvested this fall rather than waiting another month when they are really supposed to be planted. First we put the six-packs in the trays and then watered our extremely dried out dirt. It was -20 in town today so there was no was my sore throat was going to go buy potting soil. We made due with what we had.

These are disco marigold seeds. That little bucket would grow a carpet of flowers the size of half a basketball court if planted only six inches apart. There is approximately 14,400 seeds there. No, I will not be planting them all.

We planted three trays which if they all grow would be 216 plants. I've never harvested seeds and I'm really nervous to see if they'll sprout which is why I am starting this batch so early. I would hate to wait and then have them not grow. Elijah stayed home from school today. Sore throat and sinus pain running through our house. Not really serious, but his body needed to rest. He's been playing basketball 3 hours a day while sick and it finally caught up. He had a book to read for school so he did that while Netflix loaded on his computer. Since our Internet is so slow it takes about 3 hours to watch an 1.5 hour movie. Plenty of time to finish the book.

After planting three flats I was wiped out. Silly since I got up at 7:00am and after determining Elijah wasn't going to school we were back in bed at 7:20am until 10:30am. I had only been up 4 hours and took a two-hour nap. Lucky for me Nick was here to care for his brother and sister. Elijah napped, too. The crazy thing is that I'm not even really sick. No runny nose, throat so slightly sore it almost isn't noticible, but I am soooo tired. So I guess I just have "tired sickness".

When I got up and headed (outside) down to the living room it was still this light at 5:00pm. Yipee! Headed to the couch now to watch Biggest Loser. Not too ambitious today. My sweet man brought me home a bag of potting soil so Olivia and I can plant a few more seeds tomorrow. So much for waiting.


Corey~living and loving said...

I am really loving the blue sky with the beautiful white snow. These shots are so fresh and fabulous.

Lori Skoog said...

The sun is beautiful, sorry you are not feeling better to really appreciate it. When you are sick, I can't imagine going outside to go downstairs. I hope you get a stairway in the very near future.

Feel better soon.

Stace said...

Yikes, I hope you feel better weren't exposed to mono anywhere were you? sore throat and exhaustion always make me nervous.

FlowerLady said...

Dear Lady ~ It is no wonder you feel down with all that you do around there in the freezing cold and needing sunlight and warmth. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the marigold seeds. I loved seeing Olivia planting them. Three flats will give you lots of beauty. Putting more than one seed in a pot will help push up the soil when they start sprouting. Something I read somewhere. I need to plant some seeds myself.

Have a lovely day Gayle and I hope you are soon feeling better.


Babe in Babeland said...

These photos are SO BEAUTIFUL!! You are so very talented. Icy, snowy trees are so beautiful--they look magical.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Sure hope you get to feeling better soon.

Looks like your DD had a great time planting the marigolds. I used to harvest my own seeds in Montana, so I think you'll find yourself with a lot of plants very soon!

Stay warm and get well!!

eileeninmd said...

Your snow covered trees are just beautiful. Great photos.

Lily Hydrangea said...

Saw "The White House" on Janies & had to check it out. Your photos are beautiful. I am so intrigued by the state of Alaska, & am glad to have found your blog.

Rayne said...

Sorry you are not feeling well. My family is going through the same thing, sniffles, sore throats and so very tired. Nothing serious, just sick enough to feel blah.
Can't wait to see if those seeds sprout. I have never harvested seeds either. Wonder if they would be healthier than the seeds you buy in the store? I only get about a 50% grow rate with those.

Janie said...

I hope the seeds grow! I love how the sun looks in the frosted trees. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Patty said...

I hope you and Elijah are feeling better soon! I remember you harvesting the seeds, so I can't wait to hear if they grow!