The White House

The White House

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thursday and Friday: Cold with a Chance of More Cold

Is my husband fun or what? Last night this is how he walked in from work. Popsicles and a movie for our five kids. I love that man!

Before the movie we had a some family singing time with music provided by the kids.

Did you seriously believe that? None of us can sing (well, Emily and Nick can, but won't in front of anyone) and no one can play any type of instrument. They were just making noise waiting to start the movie.

Did we watch a nail biter? Something scary? No. It was "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs". Not sure what's up with the faces.

These guys have the same look, too. Was I watching a different movie?

While we watched spaghetti tornadoes I knitted a hat for Emily's doll 'cause I'm cool like that. Then the kids went to bed and we watched "Passengers". That one got me and I never get fooled.

Now for today. Here we have Emily getting on the bus at 8:14am at -21 below. Makes you shake your head, doesn't it? How dark is your world at that time?

It's -21.1 at 11:27 am with ZERO percent humidity inside and out (that's for you Tink).

At 3:25pm we'd gone up .2 degrees. Gotta love consistency. I was so cold I thought I'd warm up the house with candles.

You didn't believe that, too, did you?

Cold and grey skies. And a yard full of crap. But it's good crap.

Why do we spend hundred (or thousands) of dollars on toys when a bucket of water or a card board box will do?

It's a puppy condo by the fire. At least it is until they are out of heat.

The girls made Dad brownies 'cause they are cool like me.

Look! It's 6:44pm and a whole lot of the same. The humidity was still a nil even with a humidifier running. See what I mean about being consistent.

Mr. White cutting pizza isn't all that exciting, but imagine him starting a chainsaw and making all the sounds to go along with it and it was pretty amusing.

I love when the kids are happy and all smiles. Elijah stayed after school to watch four basketball games and then afterwards served his detention by cleaning the gym. He called a kid an asshole the other day in class. Slightly frowned upon in the Catholic School. The kid did take a picture he drew and crumpled it up. *sigh* I suppose there are better ways to express your disapproval, but I probably would have called the kid an asshole, too, so what can I say? Normally, he would serve detention all day Saturday, but the teachers are in training. Instead he cleaned the gym tonight and tomorrow he has to show up at 1:30pm and set up for more basketball games. Some how I don't think this is really punishment for this kid, but hey, it's what the principal wanted. And I won't let him have anyone over for the weekend (which is pure torture) so maybe next time he'll whisper his opinion. Oh, and Nick was gone skateboarding and then over to his girlfriend's for another birthday celebration.

Here ya go Tink. This is just two of my cracked and bleeding fingers from the extreme cold and dryness. My other hand is just as bad. Hurts like hell. Not everyone in Alaska has hands like this, but knowing how you know me I'm sure you know I'm not the type of gal to put lotion on 42 times a day let alone once a week. Wish I was 'cause it really hurts. Gee, look. At 12:15am it was consistently cold. I am so sick of this. It's been a long week.

We watched "Angels and Demons" and I liked it. Now it's 1:30am in the morning. Again. Every one's asleep, but Nick and I. Again. I think I'll head up to bed and get a few hours sleep. Maybe tomorrow will be a warmer day.



Lori Skoog said...

I love Homer's sense of humor with those popsicles...what a man.

Martha in PA said...

Brrr, but you make like in the coldness so cozy! Passengers? Not sure if I saw that one. I might check it out for tonight!

You Alaskans and your popsicles! At least they don't melt on the way home!

Stace said...

Hahaha..I love the popsicles!! Not sure I'd want to stick frozen flavored water next to my head in temperatures like that though!! Brrrrr! I'm not going to tell you what the temp is here'd reach down from AK and smack me upside my head if I did :-P lol

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Well, you don't have to worry about the popsicles thawing out!! Wish your temps would warm up enough to make like easier.
Hey, I used the word "crap" the other day in a rather heated conversation with the school principal.... It didn't go over too well!! You could say, I'm in DEEP CRAP!!
**Hopefully I'm not offending anyone.... Except Mr. Mac!!**

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Your house is always fun and it is obvious that its the love that keeps you all warm.

Patty said...

Derek always brings popsickles or icecream home for the boys too....never in his hat though, I loved that!

Tootie said... fingers used to get like that in Indiana in the winter. :-( Thanks for reminding me how lucky I am. And, why does it take forever for those things to heal?