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The White House

Friday, January 8, 2010

So Sorry Texas...

The morning went as usual. Out of bed at 6:00am, take care of dogs, Elijah on the bus, coffee. Wait...there wasn't any coffee. No, instead I went back to bed. Ah, the joys of a stay-at-home mom. I can make any schedule I want so we slept until 11:30am. So awesome! When I got up the fire was out so I cleaned out 4 inches of ash! See how I cheat restarting it. My husband is cool like that.

Of course, the wood was running low in the house so I hauled more. After breakfast the little ones played outside. It was couldn't we?!

While they played I took down the Christmas tree that was in the front yard. Sure not as much fun as putting it up. The other day when we were cleaning the upstairs I threw a broken recliner out the front door and this is where it landed. Today, when I was taking down the tree I found a pair of glasses in the snow. Over a year ago I got Livy two pairs of glasses. She wore the purple pair one day and then lost them. Apparently, they were in the recliner! So now she has a brand new pair of glasses. So glad I decided to be obnoxious and toss it out the door rather than have the guys carry it out. What luck!

Did you watch the game? My husband-who-once-lived-in-Texas was so bummed. Their QB got hurt in the first rush, was out for the game and they lost the championship. Very sad. Nick's girlfriend came over to watch it with us, but I forgot to take a picture! I'll see if I can remember next time.

After the game Nick gave Hallie a ride home and picked up Elijah who had been watching basketball games all night, and we watched the new Star Trek movie. Loved it! I also did a lot of knitting on a blanket. I'll take photos is 12:30am and I should get to bed.


stace41971 said...

Ha! I love those moments when my doing something that I "shouldn't" have, reap some strange reward...its like the universe is giving you a pat on the back for going against the grain :) And having two pairs of glasses for a kid is always handy...thats why Mike has two pair...hehehehe.
+20?? You all are having a heat wave! Enjoy it!

Martha said...

What luck on finding the glasses. I'm missing a watch, and I am sure it went with our FL sofa on the 1-800-GOT-JUNK truck!

We loved Star Trek - saw it in the theater 4 times, and have watched it on DVD twice that!

20° degrees for you is a heat wave, right?

anymommy said...

That is good glasses karma!! Love it.

Alice In Wonderland Rocks said...

They look so cute playing in the snow. I want to play in the looks so white.