The White House

The White House

Saturday, January 9, 2010

An Olivia Kind of Day

Five and three. They play xBox and I am clueless. Obviously a new generation.

The left panel I did a long time ago. Just finished the right panel. One more to go. Lucas is showing you how long it is!

Drove my son's Mercedes to town last night. He was more than happy to have me take it since it was on empty. $3.51 for Supreme. Ack!

Olivia and I went to JoAnn's. I needed to get out of the house and had a gift card Emily had gotten me for Christmas. Spent 1/3 of it on yarn and 2/3 on the kids. Why do I do that?

Then her and I had a bite to eat at the Fred Meyer deli while grabbing some groceries. When we got home she painted a bobble head.

Nick went to a basketball game and spent the night out. Elijah had Nick K. over to spend the night. We watched X-men Origins: Wolverine. Not sure how we got in the sci-fi mode (Star Trek, Transformers, Speed Racer, GI Joe), but we've enjoyed watching something different.


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Looks like you and Olivia had a marvelous day together. She's so sweet, and you're both so lucky!!

stace41971 said...

Looks like you had a busy day! Thats a great afgan...makes me wish I knew how to knit...or crochet...or follow through on anything :-P
I have no idea how my kids know how to play with a lot of those gaming systems...I really think they are born with some sort of strange understanding of them..while we sit by and go..."duh"....because we're clueless. At least I sit there and go "duh"..because IM clueless :-P lol

Patty said...

I loved Star Trek!