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The White House

Monday, January 25, 2010

So Much Going On!!

I've wanted to blog for several days now, but some how never got around to it. *sigh* This is gonna be a long one....

Woke up Friday morning to a wee bit of snow. It was awful to drive Elijah to school in...all the traffic and blowing snow makes for zero visibility.

When I got back home I decided to read the newspaper at the kitchen table so I wouldn't fall asleep. Once done I realized I would have to chop wood even if I didn't want to. Nick chopped a little wood the night before and brought half in. This is the other half. Roscoe gave me a helping hand.

I brought in what we had chopped and then made Nick breakfast. Waffles, sausage and a smoothie. It was by far the best smoothie we've ever had. A little milk, raspberry yogurt, sliced peaches and lots of peach juice, frozen strawberries and vanilla protein. So good!!

I heard these two awake and went upstairs to get them. I found them laying in Emily's bed giggling.

One of my New Year's Resolution is to teach myself to crochet. Well, I did and now I'm done with it. I found that I'm not very good at it. I have a hard time keeping the stitches the same size. I also found that it really hurts my arthritic hands. My thumbs were killing me. This is it...I taught myself, I did it until my hands ached and then I tore it out to save the yarn. Done with that bit of business.

After all that crocheting I laid down by the fire and this is was my view out the window. Then it went dark for a nice two hours!

Later Olivia and I made pumpkin pies from scratch. I have only ever eaten frozen pumpkin pies, and I tell you what...never again. This was to die for!

The sky was a beautiful pink. Don't you just love the frosty trees?

At 2:00am it was 7.3 above zero. Thank God...I was so tired of the cold. Why was I up at 2:00am. I'm an other explanation.

Saturday was a busy day. Elijah had two basketball games and team photos. They won the first game by two and lost the second game to a team they previously beat. (First loss of the season). Two games...two technicals for my boy. Let's just say he played pretty intensely, but like crap...the whole team did. We got a new player and the addition screws up the quarters and rotation. We were better before.

After two of Elijah's games we went to watch Monroe High School play Eielson. At halftime there was a jump rope contest and you know my son would have to get involved. He could have beat everyone easily, but his rope was meant for a small child so it didn't go so well. The boy's team lost by one point with 4 seconds left. We left for a bit during the girl's game and wouldn't you know, my 50-50 ticket was drawn and I missed out on $70. It's taken 42 years to win a 50-50. I'll die before I win another! OR should I say...almost win.

This morning (Sunday) Elijah wanted to go snowboarding. Really? This is the kid that has us hauling his very social butt from one side of town to the other all day every day. Anyhow, snowboarding involved me picking up two of his friends and driving to the hill. At least it was a beautiful day.

I promised Olivia McDonald's fries on the way home. She asked me to take the first photo. I guess me with a camera in my hands all the time is starting to rub off on her.

It was a beautiful drive home.

Aren't the black spruce forests so shrubby and sick looking?

I love the golden sun. Can't wait to see more of it.

In between driving to the hill I watched the Vikings lose. Completely sucked. I don't think I even want to watch the Super Bowl unless there is one hell of a party involved. My man Farve blew it in the end. :(

After snowboarding Mr. Social went to the health club to play basketball. He's always on the go. Wish he spent more time with family.....

Mr. Nick is grounded until further notice. Three cars, three dents. Not so honest about where he was and out too late. Time for me to be the mean mom. I can do it! (I am so bad at it).

Watched a movie and now it is 1:06am. Time to hit the sack. Getting up at 6:00am will come early!


Lori Skoog said...

Busy is not the word for it! Your breakfast and pies looked awesome. Loved those sunny pictures at the end. Get some rest.

Corey~living and loving said...

I always click away from your blog wondering how you get it all done. WOW!

Stace said...

Do you have extra hours in your day? And if so...where can I get some???
The sun is getting warmer...pretty soon you're going to be dealing with pulling the shades down to get some sleep! :) The pumpkin pie looks fan-freaking-tastic! Lyliana would be all over it...she's the only one out of all my kids that really LOVES pie. I honestly don't know where I went wrong with that...:-P lol.
Hope you've gotten some rest.

Margo C. said...

The pies look awesome AND I love the trees when they are tinged with pink!!

Although, the waffle is making me wish I was home near a waffle iron....

Janie said...

Your days are never dull. Beautiful pink skies, and delicious looking pumpkin pies! The blue sky view from the snowboarding hill must have been a refreshing change.