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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My 42nd Birthday

The day began at 6:00am. Got Elijah and Nick on the bus, read the paper and drank some coffee. Pretty normal stuff. Picked Nick up at school where the Troopers had just arrived. Too common of a scene. I don't remember Troopers ever coming to the school when I was a kid.

Nick and I filled up the truck with groceries at Sam's Club. Does that look like $420 worth? Grocery prices have gotten so high!

Then Elijah and I went to Fred Meyer's for the rest of the things we needed. Rusty doesn't miss a trip to town now that we are giving the pups more freedom.

The sun was very bright on the drive home.

For my birthday dinner I wanted to make homemade pizzas with my kids. Sounded like a lot more fun than going out to eat (cheaper, too). Nick tried a cheesy crust. It worked, but needed more cheese.

Olivia had the most fun. She loves to help in the kitchen.

Dad chopped up our stuff and Olivia finished up her pizza.

Lucas was more than happy to help Dad.

Dad and I had garlic, onion, spinach and artichoke heart pizza. Very tasty. Emily didn't come back from her dad's until after dinner so she missed making pizzas, but was home for cake.

Elijah and his mini-me. No kidding. There is a ten year difference between them and Lucas is just like raising Elijah all over again. *sigh* Let me just say Elijah has kept me on my toes and now his little brother is. Couldn't he have mirrored Nick? :)

This guy has been a joy to raise. Easy, fun and a friend. He could live at home until he was 40 if he wanted. Really.

This man made sure I had a relaxing and fun birthday. He is such a good husband and father. We are all so lucky to have him.'s that really good pizza again!

Lucas was too funny. He was blowing out my candles while everyone was singing!

I got some moose lights for my Excursion. I am so excited. I swear I'd go redneck with a dozen on my roof if dad would put them there. I like to light up the world when I'm on the road at night. I hope to never hit a moose.


Bonnie said...


Great pics but were missing you in them!!!

And LOVE LOVE that Lucas is wearing a CANADA shirt.

FlowerLady said...

By the pictures, it looks like you had a wonderful, happy and love filled birthday.

Belated birthday wishes to you. May your year be filled with lots more love and happiness.


Lori Skoog said...

Happy Birthday Gayle. I'm with you...staying home and making pizza was a great choice.

How often do you have to buy $420 worth of groceries? That would defintely break my bank.

Stace said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Looks like you had a great one...that moose light looks like something I'd like..I hate driving at night because they're so hard to see when they step out..and STAND in the middle of the road.. :-P

Deb said...

Happy 42nd Gayle !!! Can't think of a better way to spend it than with your family. Your pizza looked yummy :)

Wishing you a year filled with fun, happiness and good health.

Janie said...

Happy birthday, belated!
Moose lights sound like a great idea. A moose is a huge animal. Hitting one would be a disaster.
The pizza party looks like fun!

RottenMom said...


Pizza looks yummy!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Happy Birthday, Gayle!! Looks like a very happy one, filled with love and family!

After hitting a deer many years ago, I definitely wouldn't want to hit a moose!!

Barb said...

Happy belated birthday, Gayle! These sure are some happy faces!

I'd be willing to put a set of those lights on my roof too... I nearly hit a big buck with my Mom's car a couple of nights ago! I think she would have written me out of her will!


Corey~living and loving said...

Happy Birthday, Gayle! :)

looks wonderful. Wish I had been there for the pizza. yum! and such fun.

Party of Five said...

looks like you had a great day! that's some seriously tasty looking pizza :)

And I can't imagine hitting a moose. In WI people get killed by deer all the time. I definitely don't miss driving in the winter time!

Patty said...

I like to be super bright to gayle...I hate driving in the dark. The pizza's look great and are a favorite of ours to make here as well. Lucas is splittin image of Homer....the girls are pretty as Nick's hate, and think it is hilarious that Lucas is another Elijah! Love his little Canada jersey too!

Tink *~*~* said...

May I say AGAIN, for like the hundredth time, how much I love Olivia's smiley face? She lights up the world. You could mount her on the roof of the Excursion and you would not need moose lights! Just kidding ;) I am glad you had a wonderful birthday. May you have many, many more, in happiness and good health always. Now get your butt down here sometime and party with us!

<3 <3 <3

Tink *~*~*

busybee2 said...

Happy Birthday! I hope this year brings you nothing but happiness!