The White House

The White House

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It Just Ain't So

Just because YOU say something aloud doesn't make it true.

Just because YOU write in on paper doesn't make it true.

YOU should really stop listening to the little voices in your head.

And YOU know who YOU are.

I'll say a prayer.
And soon enough I will reveal everything so my dear blog followers will understand.


Janie said...

Hmm. Okay.
I do hear voices quite often, and I always listen. I suppose that could be a mistake.

Tara said...

No, Gayle! Don't tell them my secrets! AAAAAAAAH!! ;)

Amanda said...

I tried to quit listening to the voices in my head, but they're too overpowering!....and I am always right! :p

Patty said...

Gayle..hang in there girl...

Nellie said...

Wish you were hearing 'nice' voices in your head, but something tells me that's not so... and I can relate to that.

Chin up and try to filter out the 'crap'! You're strong, you can do it! Best of luck, dear blogger-friend.