The White House

The White House

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Oh where, oh where have I been? Let me tell you.

Monday Monroe beat Randy Smith at home.

Tuesday Monroe beat North Pole in NP. See that big arm reaching back for the ball. That's Elijah.

Wednesday Monroe beat Ft. Greely at home.

The chickadees finally found where I moved the bird feeder for the winter. Easier for me to get to now. I actually paused to take three photos.
Here's the second. Daisy is doing well. I'd really like it if her wool was cut. She smells.
Here's the third. I'm referring to Hans as Christmas dinner because I'm really mad at him. He has been flying over the fence and pooping all over the sidewalk and lawn. Then it freezes. If I can find the time I am going to cut his wings today. That will teach him.

There was also a moment for the Wee People. What troopers they have been entertaining themselves.

I did take about half an hour and put up some Halloween decorations. I used to decorate for every holiday. So much has happened in the last two years that I seem to have lost interest in the things that brought me (and the kids) joy. The other afternoon I realized that I can't do anything about the bad coming from others, but I sure as shit can do something for myself. (and the kids:)

I totally love this sign. There are so many that just need to get on their broom and fly away.

It's not so much that I am a Halloween fanatic, but more of a decorate-the-house fanatic. The kids really love a spiced up home.

Here it is. Where I have been. If Nick isn't in front of that computer, I am in front of that computer. Nick just hasn't had a successful high school career so far. I wish we would have made changes last year, but we hung on to the hope that he'd finally find his groove. Nope. Didn't happen so with two and half weeks left in the quarter he sorta dropped out of school. Wait..don't gasp. He dropped four of his classes and is taking them correspondence. He still goes to the school for two classes. The catch? He has two weeks to do nine weeks of work to be eligible for wrestling. Lord knows we're giving it our best shot. When he's taking tests and doing assignments, I am reading ahead so I can help him when he has questions. We are putting in about ten hours a day at this point, and I'll be honest, it sucks. Hopefully, it will pay off and he'll be able to be on the wrestling team the second half of the season (it has already started). If it doesn't work out at least he gave it his best shot. In the meantime, this is where we'll be. In front of the computer until our eyes bleed.


Corey~living and loving said...

oh wow....this is a ton of homework. are such a good mom to be there for him, and helping give it the best shot.

love your decorations. I hoped to get mine up this weekend, but it isn't gonna happen. I need to be cleaning house. I spent the whole day yesterday sewing and playing with Sugar.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

My kids school careers were a repeat of school for myself. lol

Patty said...

I agree....Jared's homeschool homework seems much easier (for me) this time around! haha

Nick will get there. Carry on!

gpc said...

You're right about the decorations -- now that I'm going to move closer to the grandkids, who are also wee ones, I need to get back in the decorating groove!

It's so hard for kids who don't fit into the cookie cutter mold of school, and so senseless (to me, anyway) to punish them for being who they are by taking away things they are good at, like wrestling. I am so glad that my school-mom days are over, but worry already about how my grandchildren will fare.

Janie said...

You have been a busy bee!
Great action shots from the basketball. The wee ones are so cute playing on their own. And I really like that Halloween sign!
Great frosty header. I've been meaning to comment on that.

anymommy said...

You take the best pictures. And have the cutest family.

Bonnie said...

Love that sign!! I need one of my own.

Hoping that Nick can get those classes completed and passed.

Take care my friend.