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The White House

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Bit of Sunday

These guys crack me up. Walk out to the pen in the morning (or whenever) and everyone runs to greet you. I have some pretty friendly chickens...wish I had even more time to hold each one to really turn them into pets.

My glads...the August birth flower grown just for my dear friend Teresa.

Look! I got my 13-year old mean-ager to lend a hand putting together a table. Miracles do happen!

I tried to get Ruby to give me a big pose under the flowers, but she wasn't even remotely interested.

I was pulling two-foot high weeds and found this snapdragon growing in the rocks underneath. It had to have been a seed blown down from last year? Goes to show you flowers will grow anywhere.

Olivia and Lucas playing horse shoes. We tried having them take turns going from end-to-end, but it was quickly apparent they were going to hit each other so we had them throw at their own stake. (They were throwing actual horse shoes that Emily had on her window sill).

Lucas on the swing while we were playing a game.

Little Miss striking a pose.
The clouds in the sky were beautiful.
The dark in the sky is more ash related that anything. We have a large wildfire nearby that sends a great amount of heat and ash into the sky. The fire is creating it's own clouds that get blown over our town. They are quite high in the air, but as they go over a lot of ash falls and it gets so smokey it chokes you. That's how it is in Alaska...if it is hot there are fires that bring smoke. You learn to deal with it just to have the heat.

A little sliding while mom and dad finished their game.

We've had a horseshoe set for two years waiting for the yard to be done so we can set it up. We decided to just put the stakes in the ground and play. It's easy enough to move. For the record the game tally is 3-0 (I am winning).

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Tara said...

oooh, glads are one of my favorites! Do you have any irises? Not sure how they'd fare up there, but they might work as a potted plant that you bring in during the cold weather. Irises are absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt my favorite!