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The White House

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Your Eyes Are Gonna Bleed

Get some coffee, get comfortable 'cause this is gonna make your eyes bleed. I'm rewinding back to Friday night!

I believe I have mentioned before that it rarely rains at my home on "the other side of the hill" as it rains in town. Friday night was one of those instances. I ended up with five teenage boys biking/skateboarding in my dry yard. James stayed the night and he and Nick went for a 12:30am swim.

Yes, it was cold. Very cold.

I think there was a misconception that the pool is heated. In true redneck fashion we used a steam cleaner to heat up the upper pool one Saturday night, but things are back to freezing again.

Man, those kids are tough.

Now isn't this just a dainty little flower? While cute as heck it sure isn't taking up much space in the garden as it is the size of my thumbnail. Don't think I'll plant these again.

It never ceases to amaze me how kids can find so many adventures in one yard. They really keep themselves busy. And there is that smile. Silly Olivia. And they have really tough feet.

Saturday evening Homer got busy on building beds in the greenhouse. He's so amazing!

One of my petunia planters.

Emily and I took a couple of the dogs for a walk or maybe this is Ruby walking Emily??

It didn't take too long for Sally to figure out that by pulling on the leash she was choking herself. Ruby never did catch on.

While Ruby isn't the smartest pup, she is loved.

All day long I watched storm clouds such as this go around and around our house. Finally, later at night, it didn't rain for a few minutes, but never enough to keep me from having to water the gardens. See how the sun is shining on us? I guess I really do have a sweet corner of the earth.

At 10:00pm there was the Midnight Sun Run to celebrate Summer Solstice. Normally, we enter and walk as a family. This year we decided to spectate and sit in the rain. Dad, myself and the little ones were joined by Elijah, Nick and Austin who were out biking with a whole slew of other kids.

Emily ran the race (10K) with her Dad's girlfriend. She was a tad wore out all the next day.
There are thousands of people and lots of crazy costumes. It's really a big event.

Sunday we went downtown to the Summer Solstice Fair. There were three stages of various musicians although we only found two of them.
The 3 vs 3 Street Ball Tourney was going on. Elijah was in it last summer.

Lucas and Olivia rode a pony for the first time. They loved it! Not sure what they charge for pony rides in your neck of the woods, but it's $6 per kid here!

They fair covered four streets and there were so many people. Way too many for me!

Lucas and Olivia found a few things to do, but mostly it's about food and craft vendors.

Emily, Olivia and Lucas jumped in the bouncy-thingy. Of course, there were way too many kids in there, Olivia and Lucas bumped heads and Olivia came out crying with a bruised cheek followed closely by Lucas who got bumped in the nose.

The crowds became overwhelming so we decided to go home. Mr. Lucas wanted to race the cars. He did not get to. This was his 3-year old meltdown for the 15 mile ride home. It was a really long ride.

This 16-year old was up a tad too late with his buddies the night before. This family outing about did him in.
On Father's Day, the father of this house finished the bed on one side of the greenhouse. He loves me so much and really takes care of me. (The inside is painted and the outside will get some kind of scene later).

My job for Monday was to clean out this side for the second bed. I did.

The peas are growing! Yea! Ohhh, what is in that trailer?

That wonderful man of mine brought me another load of rocks for the pool. Is he a keeper or what?!
My dear Nick was kind enough to empty it for me. My back is so grateful!

Another petunia planter.

Monday night we drove 28 miles out to North Pole Middle School for a baseball game. A few players didn't show up so we only had 8 and played with two in the outfield. Here Elijah is on 3rd base. After two innings we were losing 3-0.

Then Elijah went in to pitch. He faced 12 batters and struck out 5 of them! No walks either. He isn't our fastest pitcher, but he is accurate. There is something to be said for not walking batters. Our boys dug deep and made a come back. They won 8-3! Woohoo!

The coaches talking to the boys after the game.
Nick had a soccer game, but I can't be two places at once and since he can drive he seems to always be on his own. Anyhow, they won 7-1. He had four assists and one goal. Hopefully, I can go to one of his games soon!!
Coffee all gone? Eyes bleeding? I'll see what I can do about updating a little more often so it isn't quite so painful. For either of us.


Snowbird said...

Wow, you do keep busy! I think you now need to buy those two little ones a pony, don't you?

Nellie said...

Hi Gayle,
My eyes didn't bleed, but I'm all out of breath just thinking about all you were doing!

The kids looked like they were having such a good time riding the ponies. I agree with Snowbird... you must have room for a couple of ponies. They sure would be loved!


Lori Skoog said...

Gayle...I think you need to have a little more going on in your life! Slow down woman....smell some of your flowers. Yes, that man of yours is some special guy.

patty said...

Gayle, the greenhouse looks great,Lukey's breakdown is hilarious and reminds me so much of Jared, I still have to put up my midnight sun run pictures, good luck placing all the new rocks, and good job on the post!

Janie said...

Amazing! How could you do so much in just a few days? Loved the kids on the ponies.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

thanks for sharing i love seeing what you guys are up to.

Amanda said...

You are such a busy woman!!! What I wouldn't give to have 1/2 of YOUR energy! :)

The Pony rides sounds about right, I never pay for them for my kids...does that make me a bad mother?

Gennasus said...

Busy post! I survived, no blood.

I can see why celebrating the summer solstice would be a big thing where you live. The midnight run looked great.

Loved the little cowboys, they're obviously naturals!

And Ruby is gorgeous. More dogs please.......if you get a spare moment to photograph them, that is!

Gennasus said...

PS Don't worry, a harness is used in our papmobile!

stace41971 said...

WOW!! You are one busy woman!! I love your gardens and the greenhouse...I so want a greenhouse...and the planters inside are to die for. I wish my husband could build things like that :-P lol

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

OMG!! There's no way I could keep up with you! Way too busy!!

Looks like the kids love those ponies! Sure you can't find the space for one?? They're only a LITTLE work!!

Yes, that man is a keeper. He's fabulous!!

Corey~living and loving said...

what a wonderful time you all are having, yes? it always blows my mind to see how light it is so late at night. I bet it's hard to stick to a early bedtime for the kiddos.

Tootie said...

You are lucky to have a man who works so hard and still takes time to do the things for you, that make you happy. It sure does seem wierd to see it so light there at night. I'm sure that makes the new plants happy. :-)