The White House

The White House

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Big Day for Our Nation (and other stuff)

This is from Elijah's game last night. That wasn't big for our Nation, but big for him. His team won by four points.

This is what was big for our Nation. I'm sure most Americans across the country were in front of their televisions this morning watching as we swore in a new Vice President.
And we swore in a new President.

And we listened to President Obama's speech.

I'm not too big on politics, but I still watched with interest. What I wonder is when "big change" doesn't come who are the hardcore Obama supporters going to blame? Will they hold their president accountable or will they point fingers at the rest of government searching to place blame away from him? I think it is great for our country to (hopefully) finally move past racism. We have a black president. We are there. We do not have further to go. Or at least I don't. Personally, I think the direction of our country is less controlled by the man in charge than it is by the attitude of its people. Obama (or any other person put in his role) can do what they might, but it is really up to the people to make change happen.
On to other stuff....

Here's my kitchen gadgets for my
Color Me Happy Swaparooni partner.

Here's the booty for my Kaleido-Swap Partner. Here we send one (or more) item(s) from beauty, food, drink, animal and surprise according to our partners likes/dislikes. I still need to add a beauty item and I have some fabric and yarn to go with this package, but it was upstairs when I took the photo.

I still have to shop for my Fat Quarters Fabric Swap. JoAnn's FQ's were horrible. There is a nice quilting shop in town that I will check out today on my way to Nick's basketball game.


Anonymous said...

I did not watch, had zero interest in it to be honest. Sad times for our world are coming, and it probably has nothing to do with who is president.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Those look like really fun swap groups!!!