The White House

The White House

Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Day, Another Game

Wednesday night Elijah had another game. Homer and I were there to cheer the team on to at 47-28 victory.

We had Thursday night off and kicked back. Well, I kicked back. Dad wired a few outlets.
These two...they are loving the new couches. All those pillows to make forts with. I sure hope the couches hold up! :)

About the patch on Wee One's eye. She has limited vision in the left eye so her "good eye" is covered in a patch to hopefully strengthen the "bad eye". Not only is it uncomfortable and itchy, walk around for five minutes covering one eye and you will soon realize how irritating it is. Olivia is such a blessing and has her daddy's gentle heart. She deals with it far better than I would. She only had one meltdown yesterday... had a short cry and then continued on.

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