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The White House

Monday, May 19, 2008

You've got a million dollars.

It's National Be A Millionaire Day . "If you had a million dollars what would you buy?"

Elijah (12-years old):
1. Buy a really nice bike
2. Buy unlimited cream puffs

Emily (8-years old):
1. I would save it to get more.

Nick (15- years old):
1. I would build my own skatepark.
2. Put the rest in the bank.

Olivia (3-years old):
1. Candy.
2. Gum.
3. Stuffed animals.
4. Pink camera.
5. Skateboard.

Dad (45-years old):
1. Get out of debt.
2. Finish the house.
3. Save it for the kids' education.

Mom (40-years old):
1. If I had a million dollars my husband would never, ever leave for work again. He would always be at my side.
2. I would buy a small home (a million dollars only goes so far) someplace warm with sandy beaches and lots of gardening.
3. I'd buy my ex-husband and his girlfriend an even smaller house near us so I could actually move (joint custody: can't take the kids, won't leave them).
4. I suppose then we'd be broke then and my husband would have to go back to work so I guess I'm better off without the million dollars in the first place. Doesn't the saying go...Money can't buy happiness?

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Sandy M said...

Finally, it let me comment. Tried and tried to no avail. I just loved the kids answers. My granddaughters did this also and it's amazing how their answers were very like your children's answers. Thanks for hanging in there with me. Today is Flower Day.