The White House

The White House

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 things my kids say...

1. What you think are you doing?
2. pocsalopes (popsiciles)
3. compugerette (computer)
4. Oh, I just love it. It is my favorite! ( just about everything she sees!)
5. I'm just saying... (Don't just "say", just do what you are told).
6. I didn't do it. (Ya, right).
7. Can you help me with my homework? (At 10:00pm, the night before it is due and he's had it for several days. Classic Cody.)
8. Can I go to Debbi's? (Out of Emily's mouth every single day several times a day).
9. What are we doing today? (Elijah always wants me to run down my entire day, and always seems to be surprised when I don't list whatever he has in mind. Like I knew?!).
10. I was going to do it later. (No, you weren't going to do it later. Or ever. That glass has a better chance of growing legs and walking to the sink than you putting it there. Nick, do you hear me?).
11. Turn it up. Change the station. Turn it down. (They can never agree on the radio in the car).
12. What time is it? (At what age will Elijah actually look at the clock over my head as he asks that question?).
13. I love you. (My absolute favorite. Next to I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I won't do it again, I promise!)

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i found your blog in the wordless wednesdays just to give a comment on your ww! but i ended up reading you blog for 3 straight hours. Having many kids is really more than a handful, but looks like your having a grand time. I only have one and it already feels i cant do anything else but look after her. Reading your blogs looks like your such a great mom. I dont know you personally but i think i could say your doing a good job! keep it up.

i hope you dont mind if i visit ur blogs once in a while i find your post very interesting. Im from the Philiippines and her its a whole new world. I hope you can visit my blog too. Its

I will also tag you for the memory box tag heres the link

Sandy M said...

Hi Gayle, Love your TT list. It is so amazing what kids say. The strawberry gel 'is' the stuff you get for strawberry shortcake. Hope your family likes it and I bet you are an awesome cook.