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The White House

Saturday, September 20, 2014

They Promised Rain

After school Wednesday Lucas was my little helper in the yard. After the wettest summer in 100 years we had an incredibly hot September. That all stopped today. 

The garden that wasn't much needs cleaned out. I have carrots and onions to harvest and then the rest is just weeds in beds that didn't amount to anything. After this photo I got half way through it.

Every morning I take a photo of the kids together.

Thursday I ran to the feed story. It seems that everything runs out at the same time. I stopped by Creamer's Field and located a Geocache. I wish I didn't have so much to do as it would have been a beautiful day to walk the trails. There are crane out in the field, but I only had my phone with me.

My brother Larry had a successful moose hunt this year and shared his harvest with my family. It's hard to tell in the photo, but there are six  bags of meat to process. He took the two front quarters home to make sausage and burger. This will be many hours of work, but I am so thankful as my freezer will be full again. To purchase pork or beef at the store runs about $20 per dinner for my family (chicken $5-$10). This will provide meat for a year at the cost of the paper to wrap it in.

He gave Lucas rides around the yard in his ranger.

We spent a couple hours by the fire. Our niece, nephew and their kids were able to come up to visit.

Lucas had a friend spend the night last night so not a peep out of him. Olivia played games with her dad (who just got home yesterday from ten days working in Prudhoe). I was a cab driver. Emily had choreography from 3-5:30 and then ran her over to the high school football game from 6-9. She was unable to cheer as her arm still hurts too much so did not stay. When she cheers I watch her just as I watched Elijah make touchdowns. :) She sat at the table selling calendars for their fundraiser with another cheerleader who is on crutches. This photo is at the end of the game  - cool and drizzling.

Here's Emily and Lucas from the 3rd post I made when starting this blog in June of 2007. Where has the time gone? This makes me kind of sad. Lucas would be 13 months and Emily almost 8 in this photo.

This morning it is gray and raining. I tried to coax my kids to help me button up the yard for winter when it was nice. No dice. Now I will make them help and now it will be in the 40* rain. No fun at all. Yesterday I spent 3.5 hours behind the wheel of my truck running kids here and there for activities. Emily had to be at the gym at 8 am for the second day of choreography. I will spend another 3.5 hours behind the wheel again. That sure is a lot of wasted time. I've got to get the Spanish language course we have loaded on to my cellphone so I can make better use of that time.


Nancy J said...

Did you have a lot of produce this year again? Hard to imagine you are almost in snow time again, down here very spring like, and Lucas and Olivia, love that earlier photo, and how they have grown since the last holidays. Moose, meat for a year, that is what dreams are made of. Here in NZ, we export lamb and beef, but even to feed 2 is very expensive. And I always think the best cuts are sent overseas. Take care, listen to those tapes. Hugs, Jean.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I'd love to hear how you process all that meat.