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The White House

Monday, September 29, 2014


Friday night I went with three of my Girl Scouts to the Go Nuts Fall Product Sale Rally. They colored avatars. 

Played games, did crafts and sampled the products.

Then Saturday morning I drove 70 miles to Lost Lake Camp with Lucas and another Scout from our Den. It was a brisk 21* to start the day off at the archery station.

The next station was team building.

Followed by first aid instruction.

After lunch it was the Polar Plunge. At this time the sun came out and it was about 40*. My den went down prior and made three fires in the burning barrels to make sure everyone could warm up. This was Lucas' third year participating and he went completely under.

Our next stop was arts and crafts.

Then they learned about the flags, folding both the American flag and the Alaska flag.

We then went to the cooking station to roast cinnamon rolls.

Our last station of the day was BB Shooting. We had to wait in line for an hour leaving me to entertain our group.

Scouts were fed dinner before dismissal.

The last gathering of the day was the retiring of the flags before our long drive home. Up at 7:00 am and home at 9:30 pm made for a long day.

Yesterday I watched a lot of football and finished mowing the ditch. It was so long I had to mow without a bagger and then rake it into piles. I was out there in the last twilight finishing. The forecast called for snow at 2:00 am so I knew I wouldn't be able to mow today. They were right. We now have a skiff of snow, but my understanding is that it's supposed to rain so it won't stick, but there's no more mowing. I still have a lot to do outside (drain the pond, shut down the greenhouse, etc.) and I'm really ready to go into hibernation mode in the house. Will attempt to drag myself out there today to get it done.
(Jean... the grinder is industrial grade that is a prime example of military waste - it's shocking what is thrown into the junkyard).


Nancy J said...

What a jam-packed day, thanks for the grinder update, I agree, When US troops were stationed in NZ during WW2, the waste... jeeps, and so much more I will never know about. Polar swim, Lucas, you must have an inbuilt heater!!! Olivia, how tall are you now? I can see a really grown-up young lady. Gayle, love your news, always. Cheers to all, Jean.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The scouting things looked awesome - I just loved being a scout.

Just a Girl said...

Looks like great fun!!