The White House

The White House

Monday, September 9, 2013

Football Season Starts

August 14...

 After a few trees were dropped the work began. I cut limbs for a couple of hours then Emily finally got up and started hauling the branches away.

Nick showed up about 2:00 to saw and at 3:30 the neighbor came by to cut as well. Emily and I hauled all the logs to the big pile. At 6:00 dad got home, another neighbor stopped by and the guys drank beer and the work ended. LOL 

Some more shots of the moose in the garden.

She's sticking her tongue out at me... na na na na!

Staring longingly at the pool.

August 16....
Emily, Olivia, Lucas and I drove down to Anchorage and spent the day school clothes shopping. This is Emily with Daisy who is Mandy's sister.

The little ones really liked Build-A-Bear.

Then Dorene took us all out to a very fancy dinner at Kobe.

Look at Lucas' face!

 August 17....
In the morning we drove out to Chugiak for Elijah's football game. He's #13 this season. He played offense, defense, punter and field goal kicker. It was really hot and since his accident his brain doesn't control his body temperature correctly and he has a tendency to overheat. Well, it happened and the next thing we know it's half time, he's on the ground vomiting and almost non-responsive. Then they cooled his body down too far and he was hypothermic going into shock about to get an ambulance ride. By the 4th quarter they finally got things straightened out and he went back into the game. My life with Elijah is never dull.

Jessika and Dorene went to the game to cheer him on. 

After the game I got "Homer" tattooed on my ring finger. It's my first tattoo. 

Instead of riding the bus back Elijah stayed with us. We played board games until late. My kids are so happy at Dorene's house and they cry every time we leave. They are really good people. 

August 18....
On the drive home it rained the whole way. Boo! The kids slept and I was on my own to entertain myself. Funny how the 360 miles there is always so quick, but the 360 home takes forever.


Nancy J said...

I missed this post the first time, long drives, I hope your roads are all good tarseal and long straights. His face, yes, it must have been a great meal. Greetings, Jean.

Wendy in NY said...

Your flowers are so beautiful. If I were driving by I would think it was a garden center and try to buy some. You all have so much fun together. You inspire me. Great tattoo (did it hurt?) I'm a webelo den leader this year. Are you leading scouts again?

Arizaphale said...

OK. I have got to let you in on a secret...tattoos are forever! You CANNOT TAKE THEM off!!!! I just thought you ought to know... :-D