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Thursday, September 12, 2013

First Hard Frost

(Post #1 on 9/12)

August 25....
 Ack! Blogger is loading the photos in reverse order so then I have to try and move them around. So frustrating!

On this is the morning I woke up to find it had frozen and killed almost all of my flowers. I normally have them into September. Last Spring, Early Fall, very short growing season. Just the night before I was thinking I should pick bouquets on Monday for the teachers. Too late now.

Look at the size of this pile (which is now bigger).

Homer hauled dirt, I split wood, the little ones played and Emily had friends over. 

Passed this field of sunflowers when I gave her friends a ride home. Some years these people do pumpkins. I was going to do something like this this summer, but never even planted one sunflower. Have lots of packets of seeds for next year!

Hamsley sunning himself on his last day at the farm. How much do you think he weighed? (We got the call last night and will get him back tomorrow. He was 260 pounds! His eight litter mates raised at my husband's work were only 215-225. Guess my extra back scratching did the trick.) It's $415 to get him back all packaged.... hams, bacon, Italian Sausage, Link Sausage, Patties, pork chops, ham hocks... $1.60 a pound on the hoof. I'll have to weigh what we get and see what the price per pound is for returned product, add his cost and the cost of feed and see how feasible it was to raise him. 

Emily and I hauled wood chips for the chicken yard. Trying to make it 3-4 inches thick. Keeps them out of the mud in the rainy fall and during break-up in the spring. Looks much nicer, too.


Nancy J said...

Gayle, is that a log splitter?? If so, a lot easier than an axe, called down here "Manual wood splitter", great frost photos, pity about the flowers though. Hope the butcher's account works out to be OK, after feed, care and lots of scratching. Cheers from Jean

gpc said...

Even if the meat doesn't turn out to be super cheap, it will be delicious and you'll know exactly what went into that -- that's worth a lot in my mind. It looks like a lot of wood but I suspect you'll be losing a lot more than that this winter -- you are such an incredibly hard worker, I am endlessly impressed!