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The White House

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wrapping up July

July 27...
It was so wonderful to have Olivia back home. She's such a good helper. Here she cut up veggies for a tray to take to a wedding reception. I forgot my phone at home so I don't have any photos, but Emily and I ended up using a "real" camera and were the party photographers. Dancing went late into the night and my whole family ended up sleeping there.

July 28....
This day was our anniversary.... #6 of being married. There was a farm tour going on so we went to three of them. It was a nice afternoon of driving around and visiting with my husband getting to see some pretty cool operations.

Look at that field of corn!

This was onions (and some other stuff).

We grow some pretty big zucchini in the Land of the Midnight Sun.

It was a really hot day. Elijah and his friend Nelson jumped in to cool off. The older kids really don't use the pool as it is too shallow for them. One day the Little People won't use it either and I'll probably turn it back into a duck pond. Or tear it out.

Again... it was a hot one and the kids were sitting in the house. I made them go outside to sit. They have all winter to be inside. See Emily?

She didn't last long in the sun and moved to the shade.

July 29....
Another tournament game with the team she picked up on. They were so well coached, the girls were good, they played like a team and she had more fun that week than she did all season.

We really got into our obstacle course croquet.

Love my flowers!

July 30....
The corn on the left was fertilized and the corn on the right was not. What a huge difference it makes. And I only fertilized twice so next year I know to be more diligent.

Homer pulled up more trees for me to cut up. Andrew's truck still in the way.

Another tournament game. They played five games that week.

July 31....
Saturday they played in the Championship and lost 2-0. It was a really good game.

Nick cut up the trees for me as I discovered my saw was just too little. Emily helped me clean up all the brush and haul the logs away to our ever growing pile.

And that's a wrap for July!!


Nancy J said...

That last photo of your garden, great!! So many varieties, all bright, a lovely summer showing. Firewood, even here we do it in summer, at the very start, to stock up for another winter. Zucchini, super large size, do you ever open up lengthways, stuff with rice, minced lamb or Moose??, onions, mushrooms, spices, etc, add cheese, and bake in the oven? Very tasty. Emily, great team play, and Olivia, what a wonderful help in the food department. Greetings to all at TWH, Jean.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Your yard may be a lot of work for you but it is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Love your gardens. You mean to tell me that you are going to take all those rocks out of the pool after the kids grow up?

sandy said...

so happy for you and Homer,,,know he loves the home you have,,he is smiling in every photo !!! happy anniversary !!!

anymommy said...

Oh, I have garden jealousy. Beautiful. And it's good to see you all playing in the sun ;-)

Janie said...

Your pool looks like great summer fun for the kids. And your garden is looking so pretty.

Arizaphale said...

Homer is so lucky to have you. And do not complain to me ever again about kids not helping! Your gals are awesome <3