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The White House

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More of a Sunny July

(Second post of 8/21...first is below)

July 11...

The retaining wall looks so much better. I'll show you a better comparison later on. Now if only the siding was on the house....

My son took me out to lunch at a little tiny place called The Red Couch. Great sandwiches!!

July 12...

Nick really enjoys playing pool and talks me into it in the middle of the day now and then. (He's not 21 yet so he needs me to go along).

The girls flew in this evening. I held Olivia and we both cried for 5 minutes on the floor of the airport. It was really hard to be apart that long!

We took her to Pike's on the river for dinner and miniature golf before going home.

July 13...

Started out innocently enough swimming in the pool with the kids.

Then we ended up going with them down to Angry, Young & Poor... a free, all-day concert at the park with lots of bands.

We knew the drummer. He played hockey with our boys. By the lead singer you can tell this is screaming heavy metal and not quite my thing, but wanted to be supportive so I tried head banging. Think I hurt my neck... lol.

Ended with some of Nick's friends coming back to the house and this is 1:00 am swimming. Time of day means nothing in an Alaskan summer. I ended up visiting by the fire until 5:30 in the morning!! Oh my... I am entirely too old for that!

July 14...

Sunday Tisha came up with the kids and the makings for BBQ. Very lazy day after such a rowdy night! Well.. lazy for me. My husband hauled gravel the first half of the day.

We've been playing a lot of obstacle croquet. It's a lot of fun.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You all do the most fun things! I so love your family.

Nancy J said...

Always. please.... always keep on with your family news and views, your life seems so exciting to me, mine is and was very dull by comparison. A pool all your very own, going out with teenage family, girls flying for hols!!! Love the wall, well done to all who worked over the summertime. Greetings to all, Jean.

Anonymous said...

I agree, your family looks like it has lots of fun. I love reading about you all. Your house and yard really looks fantastic.

Arizaphale said...

When you say that our families have a lot in common I agree and then I look at your photos and know...we cannot compare to you. Your family spirit outstrips us by MILES. I dream of getting my family together to play games :-( fact....can I come to your place???????