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The White House

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Here Comes July

(end of June post below.... post two for 8/11)

July 1....

Nick and Elijah helped Homer with the wall... when was that? Anyhow this is how the fire pit area looks now. Put down the liner and rocks on top. So much better than that dirt bank. Still need to finish the wall to the left. He did start that the other day so maybe tonight after he finishes hauling fill dirt. I still need to do the grass hill, but it has to be cut down and our loader is loaned out. Someday stairs will go there.

Things are shaping up and turning green. It's been so hot this summer. As of now... mid-August... I think we've had 35 days of 85* or hotter plus all the other days it was just under that. We truly baked and I loved it!! Although I did underestimate how much water my gardens needed, but now I know in the event we have another hot summer.

I mowed the weeds around the lawn and it looked so much better. I still need to get that grass planted. Not enough hours in each day. 

A big storm cloud went by, but I didn't get any rain.

Emily in the greenhouse. Again I didn't get my tomatoes cut back.

July 2...

I had a few extra plants so she decided to fill some pots and plant them. Kind of cool for being a non-gardener.

Tonight it was a downpour of rain. It was hard, windy and cold, but they played on. Other than the drizzle the first week this was our only rainy game.

Look at the wall of rain coming at Emily's game. When it reached us I went to the truck. I was already soaked to the bone from Lucas' game and was freezing. 


Nancy J said...

LOOK at your gardens, flowers and veges thriving, the pool filled, and grass mown. Are you bottling all surplus again this year? And playing in the freezing rain, that takes grit and determination, well done. And two posts in a day!!! Greetings to all, Jean

Arizaphale said...

Your garden looks sensational!!!!! My goodness, look back! How proud must you feel?????
Those rainy games were my nemesis. I remember when the BA was little (7) and we had ail during a netball game. I looked at my little babies all blue and hardly moving on the court and forfeit the game. Now I am not usually so precious but wasn't the Olympics and these kids couldn't even feel their fingers. Now looking at your games...I feel a bit of a pussy....