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The White House

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

We Went to the Lake

June 14.... Hamsley looks like he's dancing. 

Surviving the raven attacks is an every day concern. They are too smart. Behind in pen cleaning which is not normal for me.

Got a load of dirt and I will not go back to Great Northwest. I always get my soil there and this time the kid running the loaded over-charged me. He insisted I had a full-size truck and I said it was only a 6-foot bed. He really was rude about it like I was an idiot and I should have just left on the spot, but I got the dirt anyhow. My husband confirmed what I said... it is a short bed and I got ripped off. Emily shoveled the dirt into Olivia's greenhouse for me. That was the deal so we could go to the lake the next day.

Saturday June 15th we went to Chena Lakes and met Olivia's friend there. It was so hot. I forgot an umbrella so sat with a towel over my head. The kids had a really good time. 

This nice boy 'was' Emily's boyfriend. She has since decided that boyfriends are annoying because you have to talk to them all the time. LOL Kids are funny. 


Lori Skoog said...

Thanks for all your comments today. Can't believe the hot spell you have been having. I hope you will spring to have Daisy's coat shorn...(It's too hard to do it yourself). She needs some relief.

Nancy J said...

Look at your sunshine, cool water, and the grass that has grown so fast along the fence line. And hot days as well, summer has really arrived at your place. Cheers from Jean

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Sorry you got overcharged for the soil.

Your day at the lake looks wonderful.

Have a happy 4th.


Stephen Andrew said...

Haha! Hopefully Olivia will feel that way for a long time! How maddening about the soil.

Arizaphale said...

That picture of the long ditch made me smile as I saw the progress. Seriously, I know I have been away ages but I am really enjoying this catch up ;-)
And that last shot of Emily in her still my heart! What a beauty!!