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The White House

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Two More Days

May 28...

I read an idea on Facebook to freeze some dog toys in chicken broth for the dogs on a hot day. Mandy loved it. Kept her cool and entertained. 

Showing off my new gardening hat. Turns out white is a very bad idea, but it's fun to dress up once-in-awhile to garden. Make me feel royal or important or something like that. Ha ha!

This is a bed of kohlrabi and bok choy just planted. Such tiny little starts this year. When I get to the garden update you'll see how much it has grown although the bok choy is bolting so I'm going to yank it out and put in something else. It's been 80's to low 90's for a couple of weeks here. Not our normal, but I love it!!

How ugly is that? Put out the lawn tractor to water, water, water. That's the only way to get grass in these temperatures. (I've got green now, but a lot of it needs redone. Too much moss/weeds).

We try to bring the turtles out now and then. This is Mary. She's the Red Eared Slider and she takes off exploring (running?). Frankie the Mississippi Map just sits and stares.

The Little Ones on a Treasure Hunt.

Dad made a map that they glued to birch bark. Then he hid $2 bills all over the property. They love when he does this.

May 30......

Emily and Nick cleaned the leaves out of the pool which is still not filled. This has just been a wacky year for us. This year it will only be filled for July and August which is quite an expense for just a short time, but that's life. I've still got work to do. 

Homer built a gate for Hamsley's pen and Nick gave him a hang hanging it. That pig has caused the death of 3 chickens and 1 turkey. He is not to be trusted. 

The ditch bed planted with 99 Tidal Wave Petunias and 16 hanging baskets. This year I did the hardest bed first.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Love, love, love the treasure hunt - what a cool idea!

Nancy J said...

Wow, those petunias are flowering already, the pool will be great for those extra hot days, and a turtle in the garden!!Lovely to get updates, hope the grass will grow again, down here much of ours dried right up in summer, but greened up with the first lot of good rain. Greetings to all, Jean.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Alaska was having a heatwave. Is it over now? And do you still have your sheep?

Lori Skoog said...

I LOVE the picture of you! You look great!!!! I heard about the 90 degree weather up there....amazing.

Stephen Andrew said...

90 degrees in ALASKA?! What?! You look great in your gardening gear :) I've made the treats in frozen stock before too, those puppies go crazy. Gardens looking gorgeous.

Arizaphale said...

I am loving looking back over all this! You in the hat!! A woman after my own heart :-D