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Friday, June 28, 2013

Day Two....

Day 2..... June 6
Yes, the box oven worked. It was propped over a fire and used to reflect the heat and bake the cookies. Not really practical camping, but fun for an activity since they got to eat the cookies. 

The temperature improved greatly and it was hot the next three days of camp. It really improved everyone's mood. We started out the second day panning for gold. Fort Knox brought out buckets of dirt and almost everyone found a flake or two. 

Then we made sluice boxes out of milk cartons. 

Some of the activities don't take the whole hour so we spent a lot of time playing Simon Sez, etc. to entertain the boys.

Lunch time!! My kid has a chair 'cause his mom is cool. ;)

More entertaining.

The boys were learning about wind power. We had a really good group who listened quietly for being so young.

The last station of the day was about rocks.

After camp my day did not end. Went home to do chores, cook dinner and then head out to Emily's soccer game. Doesn't the grass look awful? It's much better now, but they have to water constantly.


Janie said...

Looks like fun for all the boys, and a good learning experience, too.

Nancy J said...

What a great camp, and so many activities, Lucas really puts his heart into it all. And yes, a Mum's day seems to never end. How are the glasshouse plants?? The hundreds of petunias? I'll look at your other blog to see the progress? Greetings to all at TWH, from Jean.

Arizaphale said...

Your grass comments crack me up. In summer in Australia you can just about give up on grass...unless you want a water bill close to the GDP of a small African state! Winter is where our grass comes into its own :-)