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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hello Friends!

Last week Homer spent the evening building a sub box for Elijah's car so he can "thump". He's been such a wonderful dad to this kid the last 9 years giving him the time he needs and deserves. Raising Elijah has never been easy and this man filled the role of his father 100% taking all the bad along with the good. 

Olivia had her last Girl Scout meeting for the year. Next year two of the mom's will take over as the leader is moving. I offered to help when I can.

We've got the furnace running in the greenhouse. Walked in and Mandy immediately jumped in the bed. Last trip to the greenhouse for her. I've been so busy with birthday parties and finishing up homeschooling with Elijah (it's!!) so I haven't been out there since Nick cleaned out last year's growth. I'll be moving some plants out today.

I ran out of flats for transplanting so we took a run to a greenhouse (the first 3 I called were sold out!). We decided we liked this flower and want to grow it next year. Who could afford to fill a bed at $6 a plant? It would take 25-40 for one of my beds and I have a dozen+ in front of the house. Crazy!!

Lucas lost a tooth while we were out shopping. (and he lost another one yesterday!).

Sunday was Lucas' 7th Birthday so we had a party at the house. My nephew Jorge kept everyone in line during the air hockey tournament.

They played a memory game. They got a little while to study the items....
 ...then they turned their backs while Elijah took one thing away. They were so funny in their reactions when they couldn't figure it out.

Video games!! Ug!

They also played Hot Potato with a "cool" potato!

In another game they tried to drop Star Wars characters into a cup. I love games!

Happy Birthday to you my little man.

What really awesome gifts he got.

He got a rocket that shot 1200 feet in the air and the man landed about 1/4 mile away. We'll have to buy another one.

This right here.... I miss my Little Lukey. Life flies by entirely too fast.

Look who I got to rock to sleep at the end of the party. Something I'll never grow tired of.... rocking babies.
Yesterday was my last Scout meeting. We took another trip to Fish & Game and then out to see the migrating birds.

This was about 11:30pm last night. This is why we put up with what we do.... lovin' the daylight!! I heard that today is our 215th straight day of temperatures below 50 degrees. That's the 4th longest stretch in the last 100 years. Hopefully we'll break that today or tomorrow. Fingers crossed... this has been one long winter.
Do you hear that? My plants are calling me...

(And you all are right... who would drive a bus if they don't love love love kids? The kids are so happy having me drive them to school each day and they get another half an hour of sleep! Only ten more days of school. I. cannot. wait.).


Nancy J said...

Gayle, great family photos, the birds, are they the godwits that migrate from here in NZ, via Australia,Japan, taking the coastal route?Homer, what a great Dad,and your bus driving, super talent there. Greetings to all at TWH, from Jean

Nancy J said...

Happy Birthday Luke, you are one cool dude, and the little baby photo, what a memory to keep. The rocket man, pity it flew so far!! So glad you had a great day, cake, presents, rocket man and more. Congrats. Cheers from Jean.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Happy birthday to Luke. You can sure tell that's him as a baby by those gorgeous eyes.

Stephen Andrew said...

Oh I hope it warms up for you soon! Ugh! I'm so happy for you and Elijah that he's finished with school! What a great feeling!

Humble wife said...

Love all the photos...and baby pic of Luke~~awwwwww. Homer is a good man and I am so glad you two are with eachother.

I can't wait to see your amazing gardens. I do hear them calling as I haven't got my front one in yet as we had two dips and I do not want to lose plants. I think this weekend maybe!

Arizaphale said...

Great post. So much happening down your way. Adore that photo of baby Lucas. Homer is an amazing step dad. I wish my husband was half as good a dad to his OWN kids! I tried hard with my step kids and sometimes I think I have made some impression on the older ones, but the younger one and I are kind of estranged at the moment. Maybe it's good. After all, he has two parents, it IS their job to raise him. The more I did, the less interaction he got with dad. No wonder he resents me. Fingers crossed for a thaw soon. Must be coming your way. Our temps have dipped in the last week.

Janie said...

It's wonderful that Homer is so good with the kids.
Happy birthday to Lucas! The party looked like a lot of fun.

Martha said...

A homemade birthday cake! Good on you!

anymommy said...

Your life - I just love it! We're going to need a video of the thumping in action.