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The White House

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Figuratively Running

This is snowing fall just last week. The lack of Spring has been pretty depressing. I do believe we are in for a lack of summer as well. :(

My children are allergic to work. Really. So when they actually do something I have to take a photo.

She was flinging snow out of my garden bed.

Should be on the front page of Redneck Weekly. Elijah and a friend took the machine over to the power line to "rip it" one last time. It's the only place there's enough snow to kind of ride.

This right here has to get done. Emily shoveled the ice off the concrete. I hosed it. Elijah and his buddy lined the ties back up. Now hopefully, on Sunday, Homer will finish the wall if the boys show up to help. Once it is up I'll cover the top in rocks and it will look so much nicer.

 My morning animal chores......

Feed and water the new baby chicks. Clean the pen as necessary.

Feed/water Millie (the big dogs are temporarily chained up outside... they jump over their dog pen and poo all over my yard.... a winter's worth has me very upset....we are building a new pen with a high fence).

Same with Mandy.

Then it's seed, papaya and water for ???? (we don't like the name Dew and  haven't given another yet).

Trixie is always happy for fresh seed.

Lonely Pickles. Blueberry died unexpectedly two days ago. Fine at bedtime and dead in the morning. :(

Then I say hello to Andrea, Olivia's new rat.

Freaky Freddie gets some blood worms.

Frankie and Mary are always happy to see me (this is Frank). They actually eat out of Nick's hand.

Then it's off to feed the two little piggies.... er, I mean, pig and sheep. There are also the big chickens, Rusty and Sophie, but I didn't get photos. By the time I'm done with morning kisses and food I'm ready for a nap!!

 Dismal. Brown. Wish the siding was on my house.

Winter ice damage in the net over the chickens. I got two holes sewed up with fishing line and have two more to go.

Hamsley actually rolls over and likes to have his belly rubbed. He's a hoot. (And yes, I'm still going to eat him).

At 11:43 pm it is still daylight and the moon is up. This right here is why we put up with long, dark, cold winters and sometimes crappy Spring/Summers. You just have no idea how wonderful endless daylight is.

Yesterday I drove the kids to school with Olivia taking her rat to class. Drove home and picked up Elijah to drive him to school (front axle or something broke under his car rendering it parked). Drove back home to get Lucas' chicken and took it to school. Finally got back home with all the animals to try and work in my greenhouse.

Work didn't last long. When the kids got home we took Mandy and Millie for a walk/bike ride. Later we went for a really long 4-wheeler ride. (The little ones ride in a trailer behind it. No, that's not legal or probably safe, but it's how we roll).

My greenhouse is bursting. There are 25 flats in the left bed where the strawberries go. Flats in between the tomatoes. Takes forever to water. Not enough hours in the day to tend to it all.

This morning on the very last day of school (with yucky, soggy brown grass behind them).

I sure hope I get to see green this summer. (And I hope we find time to put siding on the ugly old house).

I went down to the picnics at school. Good-bye to Mrs. Rowland and 1st grade.

Good-bye to Mrs. Gaustad and second grade. It's been a wonderful year. These two are at the top of their class and never get in trouble (so unlike their older siblings). I'll miss dropping by the school for social time, but I say.... bring on summer vacation. I have vowed to do more playing and less working.

I really need to work outside, but alas my tired butt is going to drag itself to town. Lucas has a birthday party to attend. McDonald's and then across town to swim. One party is going to consume 4 hours of my evening. *sigh* Would love to skip it. I don't even know these people, but he so wants to go. And now it's time!!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I'm always happy to see your posts because there is always so much going on. :-) There must be some way to hook up a watering system in that greenhouse. Overhead pipe sprinkler system maybe?

Nancy J said...

Your day leaves me in total awe!!! The flats are growing so fast, and still snow, yes a ride in a trailer is SO much fun, I did like it such a lot when I helped my Dad feed out the hay or silage, or I drove the tractor and he fed out, if the paddock was a level one.Are the holidays from now till 8th July?? Bliss, more little ones to help you all day long , no running to the bus timetable, hope the weather shows more sunshine for you all. Fond greetings to all at TWH, Jean.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Another busy day/time at your place. I just don't see 'how' you do it all.

Your greenhouse is full of green growing things. Hang in there, pretty soon you'll have green outdoors too and wonderful colorful flowers.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Arizaphale said...

I loved seeing these panorama shots of your whole place. It is amazing!!! Funny about the brown grass. Over here, Summer is the brown grass time and the rain in winter greens everything up! Can't wait to see when all those garden beds out the front are blooming. Props to E for her hard work shoveling! With the limited amount our lot do, any chore related action is cause for celebration. Yeay for summer holidays!!!!!

Humble wife said...

I love all the photos!! The kids seem to grow from blog post to blog post!!

Your place is lovely and I cant wait to see your gardens in.

:) Have a great weekend!!

Janie said...

I hope spring comes to you soon.
It's always a challenge to get kids to help around the house - and you have quite a lot of projects, but also quite a few kids!
What a menagerie you have! That alone must keep you busy.