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The White House

Friday, December 28, 2012

Catching Up....

Thursday the 20th I had lunch with Lucas' class. I'm getting kind of attached to some of those sweet little faces. I need to spend more time at the school, but I am selfishly wanting to be at home alone. 
Got back home and started baking at 2:00 pm for the teacher plates. When Emily got home she jumped in and helped.

After 9.5 hours of baking we made up 9 plates with fudge, molded candies, blueberry muffins, sugar cookies, thumbprints, brownies and white chocolate pretzels.
Friday the 21st I got a call from the school that my IEP meeting had been changed so that made deliveries all frantic. Notice I'm driving Nick's van? The alternator went out in my truck again and I was without it for a week or more. It's been -30* at our house and colder in town so Homer waited until it was a little warmer to work on it. I gave out plates of goodies to nine and bread & butter pickles to five. Wish I would have started early so I could have given to more.

The ice fog is so thick. Really it's just all the nasty car exhaust and wood smoke stuck in valley from the cold air. I haven't been to town today, but I read that their is another air advisory. It's listed as unhealthy.

Saturday the 22nd I was upset so no photos were taken. There was a basketball game that Elijah couldn't play in. Dropped him off to sit on the bench (his car was broken, too) and went back home until game time. Got in an emotional disagreement with another parent who felt I was being a bitch hounding people to work in the concession stand and at the gate. I am the scheduler and wish I had never volunteered to do it. There are so many parents out there who think they are too good to help. It's really frustrating. I ended up working one of the unfilled slots in the concession stand during the game. I've already done my two sessions so I worked this in the name of another player whose dad is dying of liver failure. That mom has enough on her plate.

After the game Nick and I drove to Salcha and back to pick up a television I bought online from a military family who was moving. It was late, -40* and the thermostat stuck on the van so we had no heat for the 120-mile round trip. Not sure if I've ever been that cold.

Sunday was spent Christmas shopping because we never plan ahead. Tisha took the kids and when we went to pick them up we ended up visiting at her house until 3:30 in the morning. Needless to say Monday was a slow start. :)

Christmas Eve the 24th was spent getting some last minute items and then in the evening we sat down to open one present.

See my boys really can smile. Frowning in photos it their little way to irritate me. It works.

501 photos later this is what I've got. They actually did smile in a couple, but then someone would be looking somewhere else. At least in this one everybody is looking at me, frown or no frown. (All the dogs was a really bad idea. LOL)

Before bed Lucas spread glitter and oatmeal. This is the third child I've had in Mrs. Rowland's Kindergarten class who sends it home with them the last day of school. The sparkle guides them to our home and the oatmeal is food for the reindeer.

Then Olivia put the magic key on our door.

Take this magic key tonight,
and hang it on your door so tight.
Santa's on his way to you
On his sleigh, with presents, too.
He'll tiptoe in, not missing a house,
Jolly old guy, quiet as a mouse.
Whisper magic & joy in each child's ear,
Come to deliver some holiday cheer.

Then cookies and milk were left for Santa. Grandma Claudia & Papa gave this set to the little ones a couple of years ago. Someday Olivia will be able to use it with her own kids.
Stay tuned for Christmas....


Nancy J said...

I love the poem, pity my grown ups and grandies are too old now, I think Santa visited Rotorua for the very last time. Super spread left out for the jolly old man, I'm sure there was none left in the morning.Olivia, I LOVE SO MUCH your boots, does everyone have them like that? So cold, Gayle, do you take extra warm gear, hand warmers, merino mufflers?? I know, I ask silly questions , you live there , and are so used to the wintertime!!! Greetings to you all from Jean

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I like the glitter and oatmeal and the magic key - very fun traditions. Nice to see smiling kids - all so cute and good looking. Hope you had a nice Christmas Gayle.

Janie said...

Cute poem! Santa got a feast at your house, and the teachers at school had great edible gifts.
I love the group photo of the kids. Happy 2013 to all of you!