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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Homer!

Elijah's first day of school was Wednesday. This year all Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors started a day later than the rest of the kids to give the Freshman one day alone in the school to adjust.

Yesterday was Homer's 50th Birthday. The girls picked bouquets of flowers for the table which is something I never do and need to do more of. Not too much longer and they will all be gone.

I made some pesto with Nasturtium leaves. I liked it better than the spinach or radish pesto I made earlier this summer.

The birthday cake....

Family dinner without Elijah... he was at football practice. Seems like he's always missing from all our family gatherings.I made Swiss Steak (at hubby's request) for the first time. It was soooo good!!

She loves her Grandma!

Yep... the kids put 50 candles on the cake!

After dinner we went bowling. We actually waited until 8pm (which is way to late on a school night, but he only turns 50 once) so Elijah could go. Turns out Elijah was exhausted and beat up from football and he just wanted to go home. I missed him being there. He's a really good bowler. Nick and I make everything a competition. Bet him $20 bucks if he beat me, 20 rocks moved if I won. He won so I did double or nothing. Good thing I beat him so in the end we were back where we started....with nothing.

Baby Nevaeh got lots of lovin' being passed around.

It was a really good day. :)


Lori Skoog said...

Happy Birthday Homer!

Nancy J said...

Homer, a cake, candles!!! flowers and a bowling outing.I love the words, you have to laugh at them.Gayle, your garden is really showing off your many days and weeks of hard work.Enjoy till the frosts come, we have had 2 this week, and spring is nearly here.Cheers, and again to Homer, all good wishes from Jean in NZ

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Looked like a great way to spend a 50th birthday! Happy birthday Homer and here's to many more!

Humble wife said...

Oh how I love days like this one that you have shared! We have but a moment to make memories and it looks like you take every moment to capture time for your family! I love the competition and think I need to incorporate it here on the farm.

Happy Birthday Homer~you may be over the hill, but it is a hill that has lots of views of your family and the love you all share!