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Monday, July 9, 2012

Can’t Lift My Arms! :)

Sunday was a day for hauling fill to the The Great Hole. I think he said he’s dumped 500 yards so far. Not even close to being filled and level.


Can you see Lucas in the loader helping Daddy?



You can see how far the yard has already been extended (from the grass to where it drops off). It sure is going to make a big difference around here.


While he drove truck I spent the entire day working on Daisy’s pen. We had spread a truckload of compost on Friday night.


I started with the compost bins. I tilled them out, wet the material and shoveled back in all 7 compost bins because I won’t be able to get to them after I seed. Each one took at least 20 minutes… you do the math.


Then I walked the tiller around the pen to mix in the compost.


Everyone is so nosy watching me.


Next I rolled it to compact the really fluffy spots, then used a landscaping rake to remove rocks and sticks.


Then I finally seeded. It was an all day event. My arms and back are killing me!! I am now about to mow the lawn so I can spread the clippings here to provide a mulch so it doesn’t dry out (like the ditch did). Then I have to water.


After that it is back in to tend to my sorely neglected house. Lucas has a friend coming to spend the night so I have to do a little home maintenance (although I know you all know I’d rather be outside…the sun is shining!!).

Elijah got a job washing dishes and he likes it. He gets tips each day to put gas in the truck and he’s so looking forward to that first paycheck. Nick is working a labor job and right now is clearing land with a chainsaw. Andrew works at the pellet plant turning cardboard & paper into pellets and Cody is out on a fishing boat in Southeast Alaska. Four boys with four jobs…. such a blessing when so many can’t find work.


Nancy J said...

Next thing you know Lucas will be lining up for a paycheck at your place!! He will want to keep up with the brothers like all boys do.Great news, yes Mums can all be happy when family are in work, and healthy. The hole, it looks huge, and a lot of work,,not to mention the yard, Daisy's pen,and yes, sunshine is a great incentive to leave the inside stuff till later. Cheers from Jean

Patty said...

Your new yard addition will be awesome!

sue in mexico mo said...

Gayle, you work so hard!

Where will you put Daisy while the grass is getting a good start? Does she have two pens to rotate?

I keep meaning to ask - What is the railing in your header?

Four boys and four jobs is wonderful! Is the unemployment rate high in your area?

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Wow - I'm really impressed with your boys. Nice!

And my back hurts just reading about all the yard work you did...