The White House

The White House

Monday, June 4, 2012


I failed at photography 101 today. There was so much to take photos of and I just didn’t pick up the camera. I did sunburn the heck out of my shoulders, though.

The sun was out so I tried planting as fast as I could. I need to get done for numerous reasons, but the main one being so I can take my extra plants down to Grandma Debbi so she can plant at her place.

I am decidedly slow. I got 30 Dwarf Dahlia’s into this bed. I also completed two other beds, but since I didn’t take any pictures I’ll share that tomorrow.


The grass was driving me crazy. I think it grew 2 inches with yesterday’s rain so I quit planting, whacked around the beds and mowed. I was a sweaty mess.


Can you see how long it was. I think it was 8 trips across the yard to dump the bag. It’s so much easier if I do it every couple of days.


After mowing I had to run Elijah to football camp.  First day and he says he was beat to crap. Needs a chiropractor tomorrow.

As I was heading back home to sunny skies you can see the huge thunder storm behind me. This bad boy dumped some serious hail in North Pole. At home we could hear all the booms and the wind started whipping, but we watched the clouds go around us.


I got home in time to make some food and then head out to coach soccer practice. I actually pushed those little guys pretty hard and demanded they listen. I figure, for one hour, they can pay attention. As it was, all but one could. *sigh*

At home I gave Lucas a bath and then went out to water the gardens since the rain went around me. I should do it in the mornings  because the mosquitoes almost carried me away.  While I watered Dad put Olivia in the tub and now it’s time to hit the sack. It was a pretty decently productive day considering all that we have to do. Oh… and Emily took care of all the animals and Nick hauled multiple loads of brush where I want to plant more grass. My helpers were awesome and they never really worked too hard. After all…. it is summer and one must leave time for cartwheels. :)


FlowerLady said...

I can't believe how everything grows so fast once it starts up there. What a busy day you had. Wears me out just reading about it.

I 'might' mow today, we'll see.

It's so dang humid down here that I feel drained of energy in no time.

Have a great day today Gayle.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I liked the picture of the storm thru the mirror. Sounded like a busy day as usual.

Janie said...

You've done a lot of work, getting so many plants in the ground. Take care not to get sunburned any more, though!
Great photo of the storm through the mirror. It does look wicked.