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The White House

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Quick…the Sun!

Really? I last blogged Wednesday. It feels more like a month ago.

Today, I share random photos with tidbits of “here’s my life” for those interested.

Wednesday was hot and beautiful. I spent most of the day in the greenhouse. It’s been sorely neglected. It literally took me hours to do each side… weeding, guiding tomatoes into cages, moving flats that had been tucked in between the cages and watering. So much for the idea that my flats would be out before the tomatoes reached them.


On the right the cucumbers were all over the place and I had to tie them up. I wish they would just climb on their own. I think my string is too far apart. Maybe chicken wire?


Thursday Emily spent the day drawing while I transplanted. In the photo above you can see many flats of Impatiens. I packed those all outside tempting fate (Golden Rule is to not plant until June 1st. Ever. It might snow. It has snowed). Then I set to transplanting my really late started wave petunias from their 6-packs. The scissors are a size reference. I am going to fertilize heavily for 8 days and then see if my efforts were worth it. I’d like the plants to be much bigger before going into the garden. (If you look closely at the above photo, far end, you can see a couple flats that are flowering and a foot tall. That’s how big they would be if planted on time).

I also have 10 hanging baskets planted and the boys carried them out to the fence for me. Then what happened? It rained all night and all day yesterday only getting to 50 degrees. Great.


Completely random find that just makes us laugh. There are so many derogatory remarks about trailer houses, etc. The bottom half of the house is brick built by the previous owners. The top half is a “modular home” they purchased and sat on the brick walls. The intention was for it to be temporary until they could build. The price of lumber is out of this world so we are remodeling one room at a time. Or is that, one room a year? LOL Anyhow, we affectionately refer to our home as a Double Wide Double High M.F’er.  Guess you had to be there.


So what does one do while it is pouring outside. You know, besides whine about it pouring outside. We (Nick, Olivia, Lucas & I) played Chinese Checkers. Nick beat me by two moves. We are never playing with Lucas again. He lost interest halfway through and it was painful to get him to continue.


Nick and I decided…well, really I decided and he did what I asked…to tackle 5X5 spaces of house. Really…we didn’t want to over-work ourselves. After all, it is summer. :) That was one of my spaces. Let me tell you, you could have clothed a small country with all the crap piled in that tiny space. Five kids walk in the door and drop. (and why do we keep shoes that are too small?) We made it through four 5X5’s. Pathetic. We figured there are 140 more such spaces and at our rate of work it will take about 23 straight round-the-clock days to finish. We quit. LOL


This is my desk. Now you have some idea of the rest of the story.


I see sun. OMG the sun. The forecast on Thursday said hot and sunny for the next ten days. Then it started raining Friday morning and the forecast changed to rain for the next ten days. Now the sun is shining??? I have to get the pool cleaned. My helper went out with his buddies last night. This is not a good thing. Who knows how long my window of opportunity is. Arrgg!!

Baseball was cancelled last night due to rain. Going to give it a try tonight. Yesterday morning I spent 5.5 straight hours making a 14-page color program for the last game. Why do I volunteer for these things? I’m also coaching Lucas’ soccer. Picked up my bag and balls, but no uniforms as they aren’t back from the printers. First game Tuesday…. I suppose without practice. Who is going to want to show up on Memorial Weekend? Elijah’s supposed to do a carwash for next year’s baseball team on Monday. Really? Who knows what will be happening a year from now and right now I need my Monday.

I’m sure I can think of 402 other things to tell you, but you’ve got lots to comment on…so comment away. I ADORE comments. :)


Nancy J said...

Last night we watched " Ice Road Truckies" in Alaska, and now I have a much better idea of your winter days. The flowers will look great when out, your dilemma a bit like here,ours is when to plant potatoes, usually end of October, but a late frost in November can finish off the ones that have larger leaves.Cheers from Jean

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Your greenhouse is so amazing. I would love to hang out in there with you.

Egghead said...

I am so envious of your greenhouse. I love it. You are one busy lady. Wow it makes me tired just reading about all you do. I hope all goes well with the custody battle. Nothing worse than going through something like this. Hugs!