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The White House

Sunday, April 8, 2012

It’s So Late….

I should have been in bed long ago, but as usual the Easter Bunny didn’t have it together so I had to provide a little help. Actually, this year, Emily helped, too. She really enjoyed our one-on-one time together.
The buckets were lined up.
The three youngest had eggs in their “baskets” for the Easter Bunny to hide. I’d like to point out that they each picked their own colors and Lucas chose a purple bucket with the pink/purple eggs. Olivia choose green/blue and Emily didn’t care and took the orange/yellow that was left. I love that I’ve raised kids who are not afraid to express themselves. I also hate that they are way too opinionated when they shouldn’t be (to adults at school). It’s both a blessing and a curse.
Emily and I filled 119 eggs (one was broken) with all kinds of candy. Then she hid them all. :)
Then it was time for the Easter Bunny to fill the baskets. From right to left… Lucas, Olivia, Emily, Nick, Andrew and then Kevin and Devon who will be joining our family for dinner (they had to have baskets, too!) and last Dad’s gift.
My kids play by the Golden Rule….. as long as they “believe” in Santa and the Easter Bunny then they will get full stockings and baskets. Not a single one of them has ever expressed any disbelief or questioned it “realness”.  They are smart like that! :)
The Easter Bunny brought Dad something, too. Three Made in Alaska beers. (Emily made the sign).
The name and suggestive photo cracked me up. It even says on the side “Never let a MORNING WOOD go to waste!”. Okay, my sense of humor is slightly off, but laughter is good for the soul. Can’t you just see the planning that went into this. There had to have been a lot of laughs in the board room.
Would you believe it is 2:32am??!! I really have to lay my head down. I sure wish I could still sleep half the day…. I miss snuggling down in the covers when I should be up. Getting older now…. I am wide awake even when I don’t want to be. Do still get to enjoy naps on occasion though and they are the best!
So far behind in the plant room is makes me sad. Maybe I’ll sneak in there tomorrow while the rest of the family freaks on their sugar high. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to keep up with it this year. I have to attend school with Elijah (my plant/clean house time) until we can get measures in place to deal with his out bursts (which is likely for next year). The only reason he is still in school is the fact that the principal really listened to Homer and I during our meeting Friday and she repects that we are doing everything we can (which requires me going back to high!).  On a positive note, he’s doing awesome at baseball and the fact that it exhausts him is a good thing. Pray that he/we/me can keep it together for him to actually compete in and complete the season.
Hope you are enjoying the day wherever and however it works for you.


Nancy J said...

Happy Easter. and where is your bucket?? What are the low coloured tables?? trays?? for Lucas,Olivia and Emily?Are they low tables?or are they to go on desks to keep books etc tidy? I so like the colours chosen, from NZ at 10C, nearly 50 F. Cheers from Jean.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Happy Easter Gayle! Your baskets look awesome. You're such a fun mom!!

Stacy Davis said...

I <3 that beer!!! LOL

I'm glad your principal listened and understands...such an important thing when dealing with kids and school. I have an outburst kid too...and I understand the stress that goes along with sending that kid to school. Every time the phone rings during the day it makes your heart jump. It sucks.

I can't wait to see what your gardens look like this year!

kate lately said...

I love the beer idea for your husband. I am stealing it for next year!

Patty said...

Your kids rake it in with the Easter bunny! wow!