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The White House

Sunday, March 25, 2012

End of the Season

This morning was Lucas’ last soccer game. I’m going to miss watching him play, but before I know it the Summer Session will roll around and we’ll be back at it. I am going to sign up to coach his team. I actually had another parent ask me to and she is going to request her son play for me. That’s about one of the biggest compliments I could ever get. (Can you imagine the whirlwind coming up with baseball, two in soccer, two in football and a cheerleader…and that gets us to Oct. No wonder my house isn’t finished…. there’s no time. As parents we always chose the kids).

Nick took photos for me while I ran the video camera. Here’s Lucas right in the middle of the action. We lost something like 7-2. I’m not saying we would have won if I were coaching, but I am a lot more assertive with the boys and it would have been much closer. It was hard to watch their shoulders slump. No one likes to lose.


This was Nick’s best action shot. A lot going on here. It appears as if Noah (not intentionally) is giving a swift kick between the legs of his opponent while Lucas is about to take a ball to the face. Soccer is a lot rougher than you may think.


Nick and Nick rolled out of bed and made it to the game (no small feat on a Saturday morning for 19-year olds). Grandma Debbi was able to make it, too. Homer got away from work for a little bit and, of course, the girls were with me. Elijah was the only one who wasn’t there… and, of course, it’s my fault he didn’t answer his phone. *sigh*


There’s Nick. He took our family photo above. He’s like another son. There’s those dreads I’ve been rolling. They are getting a nice shape and less fuzziness. Still a long way to go. The bandana isn’t to be “cool or gangsta”. It’s just to keep the hair out of his eyes. When it finally gets long enough he’ll pull it back in a pony tail. I told him that should be in about two years.


After soccer the three youngest and I got pizza, exchanged tank filters, went to Carl’s Jr. where Lucas fell on the wet tile flat on his face and got the worst bloody nose I’ve ever seen and went shopping at Fred Meyer for conditioner, cereal and the girls got more seeds (like there aren’t already 30 packets on my table that haven’t been planted). I need shoes. What a sale. One cent off!!  I went home wearing the same dirty tennis shoes I’ve been wearing for a couple of years now. (They can be seen in the photo above. They were once white).


At home I cleaned. Got the floors mopped and the living room tidied. I realized by the time I came full circle the older three and gone through the kitchen, ate cereal and things needed mopped again. They are so messy!!!


Isn’t she a doll? Her sister curled her hair. See her holding the “I Love You” heart over her heart?


I sautéed a shrimp scampi kind of dish that I added to garlic alfredo sauce and fettuccine noodles for dinner (and forgot to take another photo).


After eating we went for another walk. Didn’t take Sophie as her coat/halter was in the wash. We took quite a hike and my legs were cold. One of these days I should buy snow pants.


The snow hats on the birds (you’ve seen them before on our walks or 4-wheeler rides) are pretty amusing.


We were sure there used to be four birds, but now there are only three. I’m going to have to go back through my old photos to see. How does that snow curl and hang there??


The sun was setting when we returned.


This photo reminds me of his older brothers.


We settled in with a blanket I’ve been working on (and swore to finish before starting something new) and watched a movie.


Little Miss had some fruit (which really isn’t earth shattering to share, but she is).


It was another great day. Sports, shopping and sibling rivalry. Wouldn’t want it any other way. By-the-way, the baseball coach called. Elijah made the team and wanted to know if his mother could write a (hefty) check please by Wednesday. Nice. He also needs some cleats and a mitt (he used Homer’s from 30 years ago for the tryouts). He’s back in the saddle (so to speak).


Humble wife said...

Okay brief comment-love all the photos-and yes, kids first, I agree!!

Now to your little man. I bet he is in a growth spurt with such injuries. When my third son would have a spurt he would be off balance and clumsy. I wonder if your Lucas is going to shoot up a bit?

Anyhow, tell him that here in New Mexico-we are in awe of how tough his head is. He would be one we would ride the range with(so to speak!!)

Take care my friend-and wise shopper-One cent?!?!!?holy not a sale nonsense!

Arizaphale said...

Love the updates on all the family photos on the side there. And 1c off???? Hahahahahah, surely not! You guys sound like you are in a good place at the moment and OH! Specially glad to see a photo of YOU!!!!