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The White House

Monday, February 27, 2012

Too Much Running

There’s been a lot of talk about the difficulty in leaving comments since Blogger changed its format. If you want to make things easier on your followers and still have control over what is said on your blog you can…..
(from your dashboard)
1. click on settings
2. click on comments
3. scroll down and check “no” on ‘word verification’.

I suggest you still have comments sent to your email for approval so you can chose what is posted. Since taking off the word verification I've gotten a lot of spam, but at least none of it is posted (some of it isn't so nice). At least this way your followers won’t have to struggle with the two-word verification system that many of us are having a hard time reading and you just have to hit delete a few times.

This is the purging I am talking about. There are jackets that don’t fit anyone. Jackets that haven’t been worn. Ever. Jackets that no one would wear. Ever. Why? I don’t know…I hang on to stuff…just in case we need it. Or one of the kids’ friends need it. It is time for this to go. (Along with the 8 hockey practice jersey’s in the cupboards above the washer….we haven’t played hockey in years).
We don’t need ballet clothes either. I cleaned out 25 drawers throughout all the bedrooms and filled two more bags to give away. Some of the things I get all sentimental about…this was Emily’s. It’s on a pillow…. do you get the idea how small it is? Time to let it go. Keeping it won’t give me my tiny 4-year old back. (There were about 8 more just like this….ug!).
What the hell? Yes. This is the bathroom cupboard. Almost all of it was trash. I emptied it (along with the ones in the laundry room), but didn’t get a chance to wipe them down and reorganize. It was time to go to town and get Lucas.
Nick went with me and we had lunch at Sam’s Sourdough. Nick had a cheese steak, I had a Clubhouse and Lucas had fries. It was nice, quiet and relaxing. After lunch we went to Sam’s Club and then Wal-Mart. Ran Nick and the new fish home and then it was back to town to get Olivia from Girl Scouts.
We went to Fred Meyer to kill an hour rather than spend it in the car driving home just to turn around and drive back to practice. A couple sodas and some mac ‘n cheese, $4.85. Going all the way home and back again…. a gallon of gas. Yep. Same price.
His eyes captured my attention across the table. Homer’s other kids all have brown eyes, four of mine have my blue eyes…Lucas is the only one that got some of his dad’s green. (I took Olivia’s photo, too, but she made me pinky promise I wouldn’t put it on my blog because she was wearing her eye patch. Thankfully, she “grew up” one day last week and isn’t fighting me anymore. She’s even wearing it to school!!).
I want Spring. Instead we got a few more inches of snow. Winter can head on out any time now.
Lucas had basketball practice on the far side of town tonight. Afterwards we picked up Elijah and headed home. I spent from 12:50-8:00pm either in the truck or in town so I didn’t get near as much done today as I wanted to.
I did add two more bags of trash to go with the two donation bags though. Maybe more progress will be made tomorrow.
We got a new shower curtain. I hate it, but was out voted. I need to photograph the new fish as well. Emily made it safely back to Alaska. She called me at 10:47pm to let me know. I was so relieved. She has a sore throat so she isn’t going to school in the morning. Maybe at noon. She should probably just sleep all day so she doesn’t get really, really sick. I can’t wait to see her!!
Boooo! Just heard the weather on the news…. down to –20 over the next few days. I am so not in the mood for that. When it gets cold something always goes wrong and my man isn’t here to help me.


Holly said...

I had to wear an eye patch when I was little too - hated it but my mum finally got it into me that patch now = no patch later. Even then I worked out I'd rather have it at age 6 than at 13. Definitely sympathise with Olivias hatred of it though.
Hope Emily feels better asap and you can see her soon!

Sandy said...

Hi Gayle,,,another 4 weeks and you will be up to over 12 hours a day sunlight,,not too long to go now,!!!,,do we have an update on Rusty ?? was thinking about him today