The White House

The White House

Monday, February 20, 2012

Stairs Update (and more)

This was the progress from Saturday. The first run of steps and the landing.


Next up is the long run to the second floor.


Checking to make sure the stringer was measured right before cutting the other two. (Homer is very thorough and doesn’t waste).


While he and Lucas worked on the stairs, Nick and I took Olivia out to North Pole to Go-Karts of Alaska for a birthday party. This is one of the three round-abouts that they put in a couple years ago. I preferred the nice straight road. People are idiots and I think this is just too confusing for many (I was almost hit twice driving through). They are too small… just a poor design, but that’s just my opinion.


There was an arcade and Nick bragged that he got the high score on Ms. Pac Man. He doubted I could beat it….I did by 20,000+. Really…this is from my day. :)


He really wants one of these at the house. How cool would that be? I’d love to complete our family room with a few video games and a pool table. Someday.


Olivia played a few games, too.


Then each party-goer got two tickets to drive the go-karts. Olivia was not even remotely interested in driving so she had Nick take her.


It’s a small, small track, but they had fun anyhow. Nick was pretty good at getting around everyone.




Nick and I played a game of pool. The sticks were about as straight as a piece of diamond willow and the tips were all cracked. It was a challenge to say the least.




When we got home the second run was up. (The spots are sawdust in the air…. I have a lot of cleaning to do today and should be doing that instead of this!).


I broiled  steaks so fuel up the carpenters.


Obviously there is a lot of finish work to do, but functionality is all I care about right now. It’s 20 steps to the second floor if you are wondering.


Nick helped his dad cut out the last piece of flooring so we could walk up and down. Homer worked until 10pm last night putting up some temporary railings and rerouting wiring (that went across that gap). We still have a long way to go, but let me tell you…. walking up to bed in our socks in the warmth of our house was the heaven.


Nick shoveled off the big trailer for Homer. It’s nice to have his strong back helping around the house. Dad was up way too late getting his things together and I’m sure he’s tired today…he was back up and out-the-door at 5:30am. He’ll be gone for around ten days :( glad I have the boys here to “take care” of me.


FlowerLady said...

Dear Gayle ~ What great progress is being made there in your home. Homer is doing a fantastic job with help from Nick.

How wonderful to NOT have to go outdoors to get upstairs. I know you all are going to LOVE that.

You have much to be thankful for as do I down here in our tiny cottage.

Love and hugs to you,


Martha in PA said...

yeah for steps! I know you are over the moon!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That is wonderful! You must be thrilled! Homer is such a great guy and it's such a bonus that he is so good at carpentry. You are going to be sending up silent prayers of thanks every time you go up and down those steps - especially when it's cold, snowing or raining out.

Humble wife said...

How wonderful!!

ps I love Pacman and woohoo to your score!!

Holly said...

fantastic pics! sawdust in the air and some cleaning is no hassle compared to the outside steps :)

Arizaphale said...

What they all said! How amazing to have a 'handy hus'. Mine can't even put up shelves :-(...oh well, they're all different :-)