The White House

The White House

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just Some Words

I love this little man like nobody’s business. I am so glad he is enjoying basketball and didn’t get upset when the Asshat sat him out longer than any of the other players on the team just because he doesn’t like me. It takes a real Coward to pick on a 5-year old.


This summer will be all about the left hand.


I do not like my husband being gone. During dinner Olivia said she wished Daddy never had to leave. And she wondered what would happen if he didn’t come home.

I don’t like conversations like that either.

I imagine dipping fried chicken in gravy is not conducive to weight loss. I should probably stop.

Why do kids drink the last of the juice and put the container back in the fridge empty? One of life’s great mysteries.

My eyes ache to see Emily. My heart is sad. Today is the day she usually comes home. I’m glad she’s spending time with her Grandma, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss her.

I should take a vitamin. Or exercise. Or something. I have zero motivation. Zero.

I planted a few more seeds and I’ll update my gardening blog. Soon.

I’m glad it’s Wednesday. I have Survivor to look forward to.

How many trips up and down the stairs does it take to burn off two pieces of fried chicken and some gravy anyhow? I’d better start now.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

It must be one of those days.... I had fried pork chops, mashed potatoes and drowned both in homemade gravy tonight. I just made homemade hot fudge sauce and I'm going to eat it on butter pecan ice cream. And I don't care. I will worry about it tomorrow. LOL! Lucas is adorable. Good for him for sitting on the sidelines with a happy heart. That's a hard thing to do.

Humble wife said...

Why do kids drink the last of the juice and put the container back in the fridge empty? One of life’s great mysteries.

I often ponder this one myself! And it is also the pickle jar, the ketchup, the bag of cookies, and on and on?

In conjunction with this question, I wonder who the kids think they are when they pile the garbage can so high-do they think they are creating a tower-is it too hard to bag it, and put a new bag in? Oh if we ever understood these problems!!!

By the way-you little one is adorable on the court(and off), I love seeing him and how much fun he is having no matter what the coach does!

Bonnie said...

Just got caught up with the blog posts.

Awesome the stairs are in!!

Your pictures of food always make me hungry!

You remind me of my Mom, always hanging out with us willing to do things with us that we liked.

As for the exercise, quit beating yourself up about it. You are an active person that must count for something.

Janie said...

Lucas is so cute. That's so mean of the coach to make him sit out longer than the others.