The White House

The White House

Friday, February 17, 2012

Blah, Blah, Blah


Yesterday, I didn’t feel super hot so I putted around keeping the pace slow and steady. This is Elijah’s room after I cleaned it. This is clean in my eyes. In his eyes clean was two bags of trash, two loads of laundry, 20+ movies on the floor along with a dozen Xbox games, lots of dirty dishes and a bed full of “stuff”. Apparently, 16-year old boys and 44-year old Moms see things a little differently! :)


This is Elijah’s dragon fish. He got a 20-gallon tank for Christmas. Can you see the ghost shrimp by his tail?


This guy can get about a foot long and those teeth get much bigger. The shrimp are for him to eat, but I guess his mouth isn’t big enough yet because he doesn’t.


See the shrimp in front of him? They are pretty hard to photograph. The Dragon fish is almost blind so he finds the food by smell. Kind of interesting to watch.



I also spent considerable amount of time in Emily’s room organizing earrings and shelves. She’s a surface cleaner so it’s good to go through and do a deep cleaning once in awhile. She has a 15-gallon tank in her room, but no fish. They all died and we only have a couple options of where to get them, and it seems their fish are always sick. Olivia got two a couple days ago and both died immediately. Very frustrating. I love Em’s background…it really gives the feeling of being under the ocean. Elijah still needs a background.


I forgot to share Lucas’ basketball game on Tuesday night. He’s sure not afraid to shoot.


He also plays some tough defense.


He’s just too adorable.

068 - Copy

And for reference this is the same photo zoomed out…shows just how tiny these guys are.


He’s always smiling. Loves to be playing.



He’s very aggressive which is great because that is hard to teach to someone who is timid.


And for all you basketball players out there what do you see? I see a 5-year old who is already looking down the court as he dribbles (most of the kids can’t take their eyes off the ball). This is so much fun!


Last night was soccer practice and then we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It was okay, but not great. Maybe I am all movied out because they all seem the same anymore.

Yesterday I rocked the laundry completely seven loads. What will I do today?

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I would love to go watch his games. You have a lot of fun years ahead of you with that one!