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The White House

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I’m Still Alone

I haven’t been in the photo taking mood. :( Many times I get in a funk when Emily leaves especially when she wants nothing more than to stay.

Elijah and I were on our way home from a meeting and shopping under the light of a full moon. This photo was taken at 4:32pm. (I take horrible moon shots).


And with a flash you can see all the ice crystals in the –20 below air.


Yesterday I woke up at 4:00am. I tossed and turned and gave up at 6:00am and went downstairs. (Actually, I would have gone down at 4:00 if I didn’t have to trudge through the snow…it’s been snowing a lot…to get there).  I decided to dive into paperwork that I’ve tossed in buckets for the last year (there are three like this). School, court, life… it’s all taken so much of my time. I steal the free moments to have fun with the kids not file.


One of my New Year’s Resolutions (that I’ll have to do a post on) is to organize the piles of papers and pay off as much debt as possible in 2012 (I have a variety of ways that I’m doing this that I’ll share in another post). I spread papers all over the house; scanned important documents; made spread sheets on the computer. For twelve hours!!


Then I tacked stuff to the wall full of notes of people to call and things to do. Classy? Not really, but my office/craft room has yet to be built and I have to do something. Hiding papers away in a file cabinet just doesn’t work….our home has 7 people living in it with many others going through…I’m a busy lady and out of sight is out of mind for me.


I can’t even explain how good I felt at the end of that 12 hours getting back to the organized person I once was years ago. I still have a lot more to tackle, but now I know it is doable.

Side note…Olivia and I got our Christmas cards for next year plus 18 plates to give goodies on. Gotta love the clearance rack after the holidays. (Planning ahead is a great way to save money).



FlowerLady said...

Getting organized always feels great! Procrastination keeps me from doing that. I keep working at it, and try not to stress about it.

Love and hugs to you dear Gayle,


Janie said...

I hate taking the time to file, but it is so nice to be organized.
Good planning to hit the bargains for next Christmas!