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Wednesday, January 18, 2012



It was a headache kind of day. When I woke Emily up she had a huge headache and I let her go back to bed. Coincidently, I also had a huge headache. I got Olivia and Lucas up and fed breakfast. Packed lunches, backpacks, put them in their snow gear and sent them out to a bus at –30*. Really? It’s getting old. Longest, coldest winter in several years. Also, coincidently, the same year that I plant a million perennials because it rarely gets below –20* at my house and if it does it only does for a few days. I don’t thing any of them are going to survive.

After the bus came I went back to bed with Em. We slept until noon when I forced us to get up and face the day. Still a bit of a headache, but she read anyhow (for a project) and I got ready to pick up Lucas from Kindergarten.

Our day? Pretty low key as we didn’t feel super. Basically, it was just breathing until it was time to go to Lucas’ first basketball game ever. And OMG I could have died of cuteness. The coach was late so I took charge. Found the lady with the jersey’s. Put them on the three kids that were there, explained what they needed to know that wasn’t done at practice and we started the game. The coach showed up half way through the first and while he took over subbing, I’m pretty sure I was louder and took over coaching. I have to learn some self-control. LOL

The league is Kindergarten through 2nd grade. In the teams before, our teams and the game after….six teams, I’m pretty sure he was the smallest guy out there. (He was also the only one in pants even though Elijah told him to wear shorts. He was so hot he said he would wear shorts next time). So he won’t be the big man (like Elijah could have been), but he’ll be one hell of a dribbler! :)


He was the first to score for either team. Pretty cute!


Aggressive defense and stealing the ball!


Really listening to coach… I like to see that.


He’s pretty good at dribbling the ball for being five and just starting.


This was so fun to watch!


Look how big the kid is that is playing defense on him. Hmmm….maybe a second grader?


I hope I have many years of cheering this guy on and giving high fives. Isn’t this one of the moments we as parents wait for?


Here’s one of his pretty cheerleaders. The other one (Olivia) was pissy and tired and didn’t want her photo taken.


So that was the extent of the day…. headaches and a really cute game of basketball. Oh, wait… Lucas and I did empty three buckets of toys and separate them into buckets or get rid of pile. One task as a time ……


sandy said...

hi gayle,,,you probably said before and i missed it,,but do you have a carbon monoxide (spelling???) sensor up for the wood stove? the houses are closed up so tight against the cold you might not get enough fresh air inside...we have electric heat out here but still have one. we got ours at walmart,,,love sandy

Stacy Davis said...

That is so cute!! My youngest is playing bball this year as well...she's 11 though. They are in the midst of a tournament...they lost the first game..but the following two they turned it on and decimated the other teams. My lovely little delicate daughter came out of her shell and became a spider monkey on the court...I guess 4 years of ballet and a year of gymnastics really did have an impact. That girl can JUMP! And as much as I dislike bball, I find myself yelling and cheering and really enjoying watching them. :)
I hope your heads are feeling better. Headaches in those kinds of temps suck.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

OMG - could he be any cuter? I really miss watching my kids play sports. Hope your headache went away.

Humble wife said...

Okay-it is so darn cute to me too. I can't believe how cute the players are, and how adorable your cuties are.

I hope you feel better today!


anymommy said...

Those temperatures would give me a headache! But your little basketball star is adorable.

Janie said...

The little guys sure are cute on the court. Lucas looks like a natural with a basketball.