The White House

The White House

Sunday, January 22, 2012


*edited …it took all day for me to finally finish this post. I put down my feelings and then felt wrong about it. Too much pissing and moaning makes me feel sad. I have a wonderful husband and beautiful children. I need to learn to just accept things as they are and then I can be truly happy. We all deserve happiness.

So with that said…. yesterday I tried to eliminate more of the clutter of our stuff. We don’t have closets, shelves, cabinets or real storage solutions so things get set here and there. A constant state of chaos that really bugs me. I also realize that you are probably wondering why it takes me so long to do basic cleaning/storage, but honestly, I spend so much time in my truck, at meetings, with my kids on school work/fun there isn’t that much extra time in my day.

I did find a place for the clutter above the television. 002003


The “stuff” that came off the television had to be tossed, stored or filed….which led to labeling files and doing just that. (Seriously…Nick’s diploma that he got in May was up there. Why?).


The top drawer came out of the file cabinet when I moved it. I can’t get it back in so there it sits. Underneath are two bags of paperwork plus the green bucket full. I managed to get it all filed. It still needs to go in the cabinet. It took a couple hours, but it sure felt good to get so much of it put away/organized. Should have gotten around to this years ago, but when I went from 3 to 6 kids over night and added two more in the next two years my day to day obligations didn’t leave time for things like this. (I still have one more bucket to file…but I’m almost there!).


This cutie way doing a Star Wars sword battle while I filed.


After the paperwork I started looking at more piles. I was irritated to say the least.


And the more I looked at the piles and the more I took photos the more that concrete floor was irritating me. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that the completion of our home improvement projects is slim…. my man works 12+ hours a day at least 6 days a week,  a lot of children and a lot of activities….but I do not have to have my kids crawl around on concrete. This is part of me accepting some things and letting others go.


I started putting down linoleum awhile back and ran out. I decided to tear the house apart even worse and put down some more.




By the time I got over to the freezer I was tired. My back hurt. My knees hurt…and I was doing this while also being a mom/entertaining my two little ones.


I thought I was being clever making “skidders” for the furniture. Sophie thought I was making toys for her.


I got over to the middle of the television before calling it a night. Olivia got me to sit down and play Sequence and I just couldn’t get moving again. I really wanted to be done and was pretty bummed to stop.


I thought I would finish on Sunday, but my husband had other plans that involved watching two football games and I would have been in the way.  I hope to finish tomorrow, but with having to drive/pick-up the boy at school, attend a meeting, Girl Scouts and basketball practice it doesn’t seem possible. Also, finished isn’t exactly the right term. I will go around the freezer. When we move it this summer to take out the other garage door I’ll lay the linoleum then. Also, I doubt I’ll move the television and entertainment center either until a later date. But it will be mostly done! :)

So that’s that. If you want something done you’ve just got to get up and do it. And complaining is pointless and hurtful. Acceptance is good. Always wanting “more” is not.


Arizaphale said...

Amen sister. And good job on the lino. You'll be so pleased when it's done. What a difference it makes.

Bonnie said...

I TOTALLY understand the length of time it takes to get one section of the house organized. I usually feel bad for ignoring the kids. I am a stay at home Mom for many reasons and one of them is to spend time with them before they head off to school everyday.

I like where you are aiming your know it's a constant battle with me.

Stacy Davis said...

That looks great, Gayle! I did those linoleum tiles in the bathroom at the old house and it was a pain...and that was a small room.
I always feel better and more motivated after I finish a project....of course finishing is always the challenge for me. :/

icedgurl said...

trekking your blog!!!